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One Form Of "New Car Syndrome", And Blogger

Have you, as a car owner, ever had the privilege of purchasing a new car?

Maybe you budgeted / planned / shopped around for months, to buy the car of your dreams - certain that you would be so distinctive in the purchase of that particular colour, model, trim level, what have you? Maybe, the day after you took delivery of your new car, you drove it to the nearby shopping mall - and there, to your dismay, you discovered reality.
You are not the only owner of that particular make / model / trim level. Look at all of the other people, driving your same car!
Where did all of the other cars come from?

People with blog problems, needing technical assistance, will go through the same reality adjustment.

We see various plaintive reports in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, daily.
I have [My Problem]. Hundreds of other people have [My Problem] too. Why is Blogger not fixing [My Problem]?

Just as surely as people with [My Problem] are likely to notice other people reporting [My Problem], they are equally unlikely to ignore people reporting [Not My Problem].

And just as surely as some folks, briefly glancing at a Chevrolet nearby might think that it looks like their new Ford, people with [My Symptoms] might get their problem confused with other people reporting [My Symptoms] - and think that everybody here reporting [My Symptoms] are all suffering from [My Problem]. Conversely, in other variations of [My Symptoms], some people will ignore other people reporting [My Problem, With Other Symptoms].

And, as problem reporting levels vary, hour by hour, and day by day, people needing help need to be aware of normal changes in reporting levels - and not assume that a given problem ("[My Problem]", again) has just started - or has just been solved.

What all of this boils down to is people who need to report [My Problem] are going to think that [My Problem] is the only major problem today - which obviously means that the most important task for Blogger, today, is to fix [My Problem] today. Hopefully, the more experienced helpers will be used to this misconception, and won't let the confusion mislead them.

Conversely, the less experienced people reporting [My Problem] need to be more receptive to advice from the more experienced helpers. If you report [My Problem], and are advised to provide some details, or try some diagnostic procedure, that you don't understand, please don't come back with
I need Blogger to fix [My Problem]. I don't need to waste time with [Your Advice]!

Please, help us to help you. Work with us - not against us.


Well put and point taken.

I am happy to report that TODAY I [Don't have ANY Problems].
I have discovered that I can find the solution to my problem quite often if I am just willing to look around at the advice that other people have been given.
artistamyjo said…
I agree with all that,but when so many report the same problem,isn't it time for some reply?
I'm not asking for an answer or a soluction. Just someone who will acknowledge the problem.
Like ! Hello is anyone there? I don't have any major problems now.......but still can't join any new sites and wonder if anyone can join mine?
dale's dreams said…
I hear you!
sawn48 said…
I find I am learning a lot by browsing through all the information provided. I am quite proud of myself. I love learning new things, and especially,that I can fix some of my own problems just by studying up on others problems and how they resolved them.Thanks for the training.
Gerry said…
Right. A lot of times I can find the answers to people's problems by just using the search box. I don't think most people bother to use it.
Chuck said…

I'm working on getting Blogger to acknowledge the problem. But that will be easier to do, if I can objectively identify some symptoms.

I recognise your name - but I have no chance of finding your discussion. Can you provide a link to a forum thread, so we can discuss this in detail?
Jim Serrett said…
Great Post ! Very funny and full of truth.

What is interesting is if you explain how the help forums works to a non-blogger, they're shocked. Saying what kind of customer support is that?

What they forgot is Blogger is free and if you actually use the
support and share system to solve problems it works.

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