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Error 400 Series Symptoms - May 30, 2011

We've been noting Error 400 reports, from people trying to use Blogger, for some time. Tonight, we're seeing a significant increase in the reporting level for this symptom.

Blogger Support has fixed the problem.
We've rolled back the change that caused issues you have observed, so you should be able to clear the cookies for and fix the problem.

Now that the problem has been fixed, you'll probably get best results, if you're seeing these symptoms, by clearing cache, cookies, and sessions, then restarting the browser.

If you're able, you may possibly provide details that will help understand the reason for the problem.
  • What specific number ("400", "403", "404") are you seeing?
  • Where are you located (country, province / state, city)?
  • What service provider do you use?
  • What type of service is this? Cable ("television" network), Cellular Phone ("3g" / "4g" network), DSL ("voice" network), satellite, wi-max ("wireless to your home") will all contribute to this type of problem, in different ways.
  • What operating system do you run (name, version), on your computer?
  • What version of Blogger are you using? Draft (blue "B" logo) or Production (orange "B" logo)?
  • What Blogger wizard are you using / trying to use?

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Me newbie to this tech. Learning a lot here. Requested to provide email subscription to posts ( feed burner). Thanking You Wish regards.
I too, am experiencing the Error 400 Bad Request. I am using DSL and as a browser Firefox. When I log in through Internet Explorer, it seems to be fine. All my other google account functions are accessible, it's only blogger.

Shasta said…
Oh, I so glad I found this blog. I know that Blogger is a free service, but c'mon guys. You have to be a LITTLE responsive/contactable!
Anyway, I edited a post scheduled to go up this morning and got the "Bad Request Error 400" a few times last night before I gave up and went to bed. Getting back on this morning, it was still going on. I use Safari and have been having issues with Blogger not allowing me to comment on new blogs so I had changed my cookie settings to accept all. Perhaps that's related? Anyway, when I took your advice and emptied my cache and cleared cookies, it worked again.
Thanks Real Blogger Status!
Jayarava said…
Seems to be a Firefox issue. The second time this has happened with FF this year. I'm using FF 5.0, on Vista Home. Error message is "400 Bad Request". UK.

No problem using other browsers.

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