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Followers Gadget Content Intermittently Visible, For Some Blog Guests And Owners

The Followers gadget is a Blogger / Google accessory that has a long history of problems. In April / May 2011, we had numerous reports from blog owners, whose Followers gadget was visible to nobody, either themselves or their guests.
Nobody can see my Followers!
Blogger fixed that problem - but the problems, like some battery powered toys, just keep coming, and coming.

Earlier this month, we have had various blog guests and owners who have reported inability to see any Followers gadget content.
I can't see my Followers, nor can I see your Followers!
Many of these people found their problems to be caused by filtering on their own computers.

This week, we have been seeing a third problem with the Followers gadget - people reporting intermittent ability to see any Followers gadget content.
My Followers gadget was invisible yesterday, but visible this morning. And now, it is invisible, again!
The symptoms, except for the intermittent visibility, look like the previous problem with filtering. But how may blog owners change their filtering, randomly, and ignore that when reporting problems?

Many times, I've discussed the many domains used by Blogger / Google to host their various content. The content of the Followers gadget comes from a domain separate to other blog content - "". The intermittent visibility is indicative of an MTU based connectivity problem, against the latter domain.

If you are seeing random, intermittent ability to see the Followers on any blog - your and mine - check your MTU setting, against "". I think you will see opportunity for improvement.

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Zuzu's Petals said…
Thank you! This is really really useful and I hope lots of other bloggers see it. I am of half a mind to remove the Followers gadget entirely, since it's more stress than it's worth. People can still follow--they just won't see who's following me. I don't need no steenkin' popularity contest, anyway.
eva i Aten said…
Hello! I wouuld like all my 33 followers to be shown under followers - how can I fix this?

Also I wonder why it's showing that I have 8 followers on my dashboard for my 2nd blog, but there is only 7.

I have also seen on a bloggers profile that she is following my blog, but she is not appearing like follower on my blog.

Thanks in advance for any help!
Chuck said…

Click on the "8 Followers" link on the dashboard display. Count the pictures - how many do you see?
eva i Aten said…
Chuck, there it's also 7 - the 7 that are shown at my blog. Only at the dashboard it's written 8. Never mind.

Do you have a solution maybe for my first question - I would like very much that my lovely 33 followers are shown! These small pictures are also working like links to their blogs.
Thanks a lot!
Chuck said…

Let's look at the 7 / 8 Followers discrepancy. What is different about the 8th Follower, that only is seen on the dashboard display?

Identify the 8th Follower, and click on the icon. What colour is the profile name - blue or black?
Anonymous said…
The Missing Follows Problem has been occurring since at least 2009, affecting thousands of users. Unfortunately, the solutions offered on the Forums routinely ask bloggers to make detailed changes to the settings of their own computers. Of course, we can't ask every single prospective Follower to make these changes before visiting our blogs. It seems strange that Google does not have have any engineers able to solve the root problem and make the gadgets visible on all computers. I don't have to reconfigure my settings to see Facebook friends, MySpace followers, Twitter followers, YouTube subscribers. Why is Google's social network programming so far behind?

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