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Testing For A Problem With Cookies Filtering On Your Computer

Blogger has recently provided several optional blog features which are requested in Blogger hosted scripts, and exercised in BlogSpot or non Google hosted scripts - and has caused problems seen by people who who are trying to protect their computers.

Blogger options like Stats "Don't track your own pageviews", and the Inline Comment form, both of which run as scripts in "" or a non Google domain (depending upon how the blog is published), are going to depend upon cookies which transport the option setting from the Blogger Settings script (hosted in "") to the blog script (hosted in "" or wherever).

The confusion starts with the cookie / script filters present on many computers - but it may not end there. Recent discussions in BHF: Something Is Broken make it appear that there may be problems with the Blogger hosted scripts in general. These problems may not be entirely solved by adjusting cookie / script filters on each blog readers computer; unfortunately, isolating problems caused by Blogger scripts, from problems caused by cookie / script filters, may not be a simple task.

It should be possible to at least see which computers may still have a problem with filtering. People using computers that are causing problems are generally unable to post comments, to blogs with inline (embedded below post) comment forms. They should, however, be able to post comments to blogs with popup or separate page comment forms.

In order to improve my ability for this blog to accept comments, I recently changed this blog, to use a separate page comment form. This has resulted in a good 50% increase in comment volume - which tells me that a significant number of readers of this blog, at least, use computers which filter comments / scripts excessively. To really identify the problem, I think a more definitive test may be appropriate.

Anybody with a computer that does not suffer from cookie / script filtering should be able to leave comments on both this blog (with a separate page comment form, not affected by filtering), and on my home blog "" (with an inline comment form, affected by filtering). Please see if you are able to leave a comment on each of two posts, in this order.
  1. My home blog, Nitecruzr Dot Net: Does Your Computer Filter Cookies / Scripts Inappropriately?.
  2. Here, The Real Blogger Status: Testing For A Problem With Cookies Filtering On Your Computer. If you suffer from the well known Stats problem, and cannot avoid tracking your pageviews, leave me a comment stating that, on this post.
If you're able to comment on the second post (this blog, with a full page comment form), though not the first (my home blog, with an inline comment form), then it's quite likely that you have a problem with a cookie or script filter. Cookie and script filters can be found in the browser, on the computer, and even on the network - and your task is to look carefully, in all possible locations.

(Update 2011/08): Thanks to an apparent second change in comment form scripts, we're seeing a second report of problems posting comments.
I try to post a comment. When I click "Post" it tells me
Your account does not have access to view this page.
(Update 2011/06): Thanks to an apparent recent change in the Embedded comment form scripts, we are seeing a flood of complaints about inability to publish comments, on blogs which use the embedded comment form.
I can't comment on anybody's blog! I get in an endless loop to sign in!
The embedded comment form is vulnerable to overly aggressive filtering of third party cookies.

Please note that I moderate both blogs, aggressively. If you're able to comment, please do not include any content that would even make me suspect that you might be a spammer. And please be patient while I retrieve your comments from the "Awaiting Moderation" queues for each blog.

Let's see what we can find out. Your comments might be part of the solution, so go for it.

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Rebecca said…
I can post here too.
Jo said…
Prashant Auti said…
test comment..can post it...but my blog reader's can't :(
lisa said…
lisa said…
can i post here
Jackie said…
testing....hope it works here too! Thanks!
paula said…
I can post here . . so I need to go back to step 1 and see what I need to fix . . thanks for helping out :0}
Unknown said…
DianesDangles said…
Thank you for your help, I can now leave comments, I had my Third Party Cookies disabled so I enable it and can now make comments.
Li said…
Li said…
okay, can I leave a comment? I sure hope so.
Li said…
can't seem to post a comment.
I can post here but not on your other page. I also have a problem with blogger counting my own page views.
Unknown said…
Niles said…
just testing, thx
Nicola said…
aem2 said…
If cookies are still the issue in 2013, then I was able to leave a comment on your first blog and apparently have no issue with this one. The not being able to not track my own stats has only become a recent issue -- since the last Firefox update.
Unknown said…
Unknown said…
I can comment for both, I wonder why I can't disable tracking my own page then. :(
Unknown said…
thanks again for the help
Cheri said…
I comment several blogs every day, so my problem is not here.
Tom said…
I suffer from the well-known stats problem.
Fonseca said…
"don't track pageviews" is not working for me
Looks like I am able to leave a comment on both your blogs per your directions. I have only started having trouble with "Don't Track Your Pageviews" function since switching from a url to a Google Custom Domain - two days ago.

Any Suggestions?
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks to the addition of the anonymous commenting CAPTCHA, it appears that third party cookies (created under "", read under "") are now a part of commenting, using full page and popup window comment forms - as well as embedded forms.

You can't comment here anonymously, so you won't have the same problem, here. I think that I may have to re think my cookie testing.

For right now, I may just warn everybody, that if you wish to comment on any Blogger blog, you have to allow third party cookies.

Brian Dickerson said…
Hmmm. Ok so far.
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