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Justice Is For The Poor And The Weak - And Small

In the modern legal system, justice is (supposedly) available to all citizens - regardless of colour, crede, or financial status - equally. In the Blogger legal system, justice (as in porn / spam classification, or URL availability) is available to all bloggers - equally.

If your blog is unjustly accused of hosting hacking, porn, and / or spam content, or if your blog is unfairly placed behind a content warning, you (the blog owner) are responsible for getting the wrong righted.

Due diligence requires that the blog owner has to report any problem with any Blogger blog. Regardless of how many anxious readers your blog may serve, you the owner have to request a review, when the blog is unjustly classified, deleted or locked. And, you have to do so promptly.

Blogger must serve owners of small and unpopular blogs equally, with owners of large and popular ones. The blog readers are not part of the review process. The only question is
Does the blog host hacking, objectionable, porn, or spam content?

Please, no coyote attacks in Blogger Help Forum.


Indigo Red said…
What is defined as "objectionable?"
Nitecruzr said…
In this context, "objectionable" refers to blog content that is either voluntarily or involuntarily hosted behind a Content Warning interstitial display.
Rose said…
Seriously - I have seen your helpful comments in the past, and they are nothing like the tone you are taking with Ann Althouse.

It is clear that there is some kind of lingering glitch affecting her LARGE blog in the aftermath of Blogger being down for a day and a half.

You should be taking the tach of "What can we do to solve this, figure out what has triggered the complete disappearance of all of her posts and comments, the entire blog - NOT be accusing her of spam or playing this card, the justice is for the poor and weak card.

Just say, "OMG, let's fix this."

Instead you are scaring other bloggers, feeding conspiracy "shut down for political reasons" and generally creating bad pr, without meaning to.

Please - we like you. We like Blogger. It is virtually impossible to find help links when you need them, and she, like the rest of us was unable to access her Dashboard because of your shutdown - for God's sake I hope you apologize and fix the problem - and improve the methods for contacting Blogger when we all need help.
Nitecruzr said…

There's no lingering glitch affecting Althouse's blog - Brett reviewed it, and restored it. That is how we do "What can we do to solve this?".

I removed all of the unnecessary posts from her discussion, which is what we try to do with all "Please restore my blog!" discussions. We try hard to run the forum on a "one person / one problem / one discussion" basis.

The spam review / restore process is not pleasant - and leaves many spammers unwilling to admit their reality, who post many complaints, causing many first time forum members to think that Google is censoring or harassing blog authors in large quantity. Also people who are not spammers are resentful, because of Bloggers need to "shoot first, apologise later" policy.

The whole spam classification / review / (confirm / restore) process is not fun, and does not make everybody happy. It's a compromise - and like all compromises, is never going to please anybody. If you were a forum member 7 years ago, though, you would perceive and appreciate the improvement.

Nobody really likes the process. It is better than letting spammers have their way with BlogSpot, which was the case 5 years ago. We know that the process does work, though, because we get attacked by self aware spammers periodically too.

Stick around for a while, and you will see.
Rose said…
The whole thing is ludicrous. If Ann's blog is SPAM then every blog you have on your entire system is SPAM. How on earth does this absolutely surreal notion get more than 5 seconds of traction with any of you at Blogger?

You features Blogs of Note all the time - here you are dealing with one of your biggest success stories, and except for Brett, none of you seem to realize the significance of what you are doing.

her Blog has not been RESTORED. The portal is open and she has access to her Dashboard and can post, but her entire blog is MISSING.

This is a blog that has dealt with political issues, features personal photos, has a huge following, and has in recents months been doing the job real reporters are supposed to do and don;t.

Something happened in your recovery process - that is the problem, and that is what you need to focus on. NOT a SPAM review.

PERHAPS those who disagree with Ann's coverage of the recent events in Wisconsin instituted a flag as objectionable attack that normally would not cause any disruption, but in the course of your recovering from your glitch something in those flags triggered this event - that is the benign possibility - the other is that this is a deliberate act by Google to punish someone with the 'wrong' political view.

If the latter is the case - and I don't think it is - you will lose business in numbers we can't even begin to imagine.

Please change the tone of your responses.

If you cannot see - upon your IMMEDIATE first glance - that this is not a SPAM problem, something is SERIOUSLY SERIOUSLY WRONG.
Chuck, her blog hasn't been restored. She's done over 20,000 posts that aren't there. The only posts on her blog are the ones she's done since it got taken down. Brett left a pleasant comment, but he hasn't solved the problem yet.

Chuck, a lot of people are trying to figure out what your exact role is. Are you a Google employee?
Nitecruzr said…
I am reacting to a remark made by one reader

"Aha. is back."

If Brett made his closing remark inaccurately, I'll keep after him.
Nitecruzr said…
However, please note that, as vigourously as I keep after Brett to restore what's not online, I'll keep after other people to understand the massive nature of the spam problem - and the righteous need for spam abatement.

And I will emphasise that all blogs, unrighteously classified, need to be reviewed and restored. Spam reviews must be requested by the blog owners, only. All blog owners are entitled to equal respect.
Unknown said…
why was suspended and why can't i find my postS for and who do I contact to see whats going on,

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