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Making Your Blog's URL Available For Reuse

By now, everybody should be well aware that a BlogSpot URL that currently has a Blogger blog published to it will never be available for re issue.

Even with no publishing activity to that blog for the next century, and barring any mistakes in ownership, your blog is yours, forever. We also know that when a blog is deleted, the URL that it's published to is locked to that blog, for eternity, to prevent a hijack of the URL by spam blog publishers.

So what if you have a URL, and you want to make it available to someone else?

If there's a specific person that you want to have the URL, you turn the blog into a stub, then you transfer the blog. If you want to make the blog available to the blogosphere in general, you simply recycle the name and make it available to the public.
  1. Edit each post, and replace contents of each with the caption "Post Deleted".
  2. Republish the blog.
  3. A month after completing Step #2, delete all posts. Publish one post, "Blog Deleted".
  4. Six months after completing Step #3, republish the blog under a 16 to 24 character garbage name, making this name available for some lucky blogger.
    • Make up a blog name that is unlikely to be in use now, or ever in the future. In this example, I'll use "zmxncbvalskdjfhgqpwoeiru".
    • Go to Settings - Publishing, and re publish the blog as "".
    • Your having re published the blog as "", the current name (presumably, of some value) is now available to the Blogosphere, in general. You are done with this exercise. The inhabitants of the Blogosphere thank you (should thank you) for your altruistic attitude.
    If the blog has no search engine reputation, and no content, just start with this step.
  5. Then, delete the made up name, such as "zmxncbvalskdjfhgqpwoeiru". That blog will stay on your dashboard for 90 days, to give you a chance to change your mind.

If you want to make the URL available for re issue to the public in general, you have only to re publish your blog to another URL. If you intentionally re publish your blog to a different URL, the first URL becomes available to the public.

If you have a popular URL allocated to your blog, you tire of the notoriety attached to the URL, and you wish to let others take the responsibility, just re publish your blog to a new URL. And the responsibility is removed from your shoulders.


Anonymous said…
Thank you for your reply. I didn't see this before, now I understand it all a little better. :)
Jennifer said…
Six months after completing Step #3, republish the blog under a 24 character garbage name, making this name available for some lucky blogger.

Can you explain how to do this? I'm confused.
Nitecruzr said…

The way it stands right now, when you delete a blog, all that happens is the blog is removed from your dashboard. If you want to restore the blog, just go back to your dashboard, select "View all blogs", then "Un delete this blog".

If you want to make this blog URL available for someone else to use, you have to rename the blog to another URL. You pick a garbage name as the rename target, so you don't simply move the blog from occupying one popular name to another popular name.

Just make up a name that nobody is likely ever to want, like "qpwoeiruityalskdjfhg". Go to Settings - Publishing, and publish your blog to "", and you're free.
suzan said…

I guess you never going to get through this, just like everybody else. Think about if the blog not controlled by yourself and the page keep changing by Google how you are going to get this through? I already gave up this, I found that was all about games, the only people lost time are those publishers. Don't let them play you any more. My adsense click controlled by Google 1 a day even I knew there was over thousands a day, do you think we publisher can do anything to protect ourselves? If this could be the case, then Google won't make so much money from us.
aolsdbhaosdo said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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