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The Profile Views Counter Is Not Updating

Not all bloggers, who monitor blog activity, want the trouble of installing a visitor counter. Some folks rely upon the "Profile Views" counter in the Blogger account profile.

This week, many anxious bloggers report that their counters are not operating.
My blog Profile View counter is BROKEN and has been stuck for at least 5 days if not more - I have Statcounter and I know that it is way off!

(Update 4/10 14:00): Blogger has provided an update
Basically, having completely accurate counts caused a lot of problems for profile pages that experienced high traffic - at several times in the past few months this has led to difficulties and slowness for the entire service. These problems were amplified even more by a number of users who abused the count by running automated scripts trying to bump up their counts.

Because of this, we've switched to using an estimated count of profile views; while it's less accurate we believe that keeping the service running and responsive has to be our first priority.

You may do better by using an actual visitor counter in your blogs. You can view outclicks from each blog in the counter logs, which will include clicks to your profile, if this information is important to you.

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Debrah said…

Someone please explain.

Am I to understand that the Profile Views will no longer be operable?

Someone please give a clear and definitive answer on this.

Many have been asking for days.
Chuck said…

I am simply telling you what I was told. They also mentioned intention to update the Profile screen with an advisory describing the change, but for right now, we have to accept the brief notification.

Personally, I'm not clear about what is the importance of metering profile hits, if you can use a visitor counter on the blog itself.
French Fancy said…
Then if they are not going to be continuing with it surely it should be removed from the profile page. what is the point of a static counter.
Debrah said…
Thanks, ChucK.

But I do wish they would remove it if it's not going to work and they want to eliminate the feature.

I like the number of visitors on the blog recorded and my concern is that I will not be able to transfer the existing number onto a Counter.

It will be like starting from scratch....which is unfair.

It's really a shame that we will lose the record of our visitors.

I like that they had such a feature on the Profile Page.

Oh, well.......
Chuck said…

I really don't understand. Why don't you just use a regular visitor counter on the blog, then?
It's important to me to have the profile counter in place because it lets me know whether people are interested enough in the blog to find out more about me. In some ways, this is more helpful to me than simply have a page view counter (although I value that, as well)! SO please, ye powers at Blogger: put it back!
TUTU Monkey said…
Hey thanks...I appreciate the answer!!
Divadebbi said…
I feel exactly as you do! I do use Statcounter, which provides a lot of useful information, but it is interesting to see how many people are willing to take the next step, to learn more about a Blogging author. I did see it jump in a "100" view interval...maybe that number is the charm, instead of individual visits...
Susan, I'm right with you on this. I also think there should at least be the option to remove the profile view counter if it is not working - and mine has been stuck for at least a week, and is driving me nuts!!
Chuck said…
Several of us have asked Blogger to either remove it or restore it. I'm not holding my breath though.

And with all due respect to various bloggers who have strafed me relentlessly, I understand your frustration, but I don't understand the degree of urgency which some have expressed.

And I also fail to understand why somebody would find it necessary to juice their counts by an automated pinging script. Who has so little life as to get gratification from seeing profile view counts climb, fraudulently?

I'm sorry. Get a life, already!
Shmoo said…
Yes Ive had the same problem Profile counter not working
Fashion Chalet said…
Yes mine has been stuck for a few months now. I know the number is incorrect and in turn, misleading. I hope it gets fixed soon? Thank you.

p said…
I've been at approximate 1400 views for almost a year now...and I've gotten well over 5000 views on my blog, many of which come in or exit from my's still pretty wrong.
Chuck said…

It's not certain that anybody looks at your profile. Use the counter on your blog, and forget about the profile views.

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