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FTP Publishing - December 2008 #2

Last week, we had reports of another old friend
ConnectException: Connection timed out.
That problem was reported to be resolved. Today, we see more reports of the same symptom.

At least one comment implies that the problem being reported to day is not the same as last week. Last week, the symptom of the problem was, in many cases, worked around by changing the host server name from "" to "", or vice versa, depending upon its current setting. That may not be the case, this weekend.

Let's continue trying to enumerate the symptoms.
  • The blog BlogSpot URL (if applicable).
  • When was the blog setup in Blogger? (If the blog was published immediately by FTP, say so).
  • The blog domain URL.
  • When was the blog setup for FTP publishing?
  • The name of the server hosting company.
  • The Blogger FTP server setting (name or IP address of the server), in use right now.
  • What operating system, browser, and version of Java do you use?
  • Where are you located, and what ISP do you connect through?

(Update 2009/1/1): It appears that the optimism expressed below may have been premature.

(Update 12/31 9:00): We are told by a Blogger employee that this has been fixed.
The problem should not recur in the short-term, and we will work to ensure that we are far less likely to have this kind of problem in the long-term.

(Update 12/29 17:00): Blogger Employee has now acknowledged the problem
Thanks for hanging in there during this busy time; we're aware of this and still working through some kinks on our side.

I'll make sure to post an update when we have one!

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Anonymous said…
Had this error too, this morning. Changed my host server name by dropping "ftp" from "" and it worked.
Webmaster said…
Thanks for this blog ... I am having the same problem and glad to see a blogger employee responding somewhere.
Matthew Elshaw said…
Thanks for the post, I was experiencing this same issue but appears to be fixed on our site for now. We did not need to make any changes
Thank you for posting this solution.

I was getting the error for the first time after the last Dec 31 report that it was fixed. Guess not. Jordan's solution did work for me in the end.
Admin said…
The problem still persists. I am facing the problem on my site

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