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Problems With The New Dashboard And Post Editor

Bloggers everywhere are now enjoying the new look of the redesigned Blogger Dashboard, and the improved buttons in Post Editor. With every change though, such as a redesign or improved functionality, comes problems. This change is no exception.
I notice that there's a new dashboard but I also noticed that when I try to put my cursor over the "publish" button it turns into a line and the button doesn't work unless I rest it below the publish button.
The button for NEW POST, PUBLISH POST & SAVE NOW are NOT working?
I can't upgrade my template. There's no "UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE" button!

Whenever Blogger makes a script change, like this one (that's visible), or similar ones that you can't see immediately, things will stop working. Sometimes, it will be because of old code, cached on your computer, interfering with their new code. Other times, it may be because of differences in the browser that you are using. And in many cases, you'll have a security device in the browser, in the computer, or on your network, that interferes with cookies and / or scripts on your computer.

If you see a problem, check the Blogger Help Forums, and look for others reporting the same problem. Look at the etiological spread of the problem. If you don't see a huge flood of reports of your problem, look at your computer, and see if there's anything different on your computer, that could contribute to the problem on your computer.

(Update 9/30 18:00): Blogger Employee is now asking for diagnostics describing your experience with the missing Template Upgrade button.
Please reply to this thread with your browser and operating system info.

Also, I recommend trying from another browser to see if that helps.

(Update 8/17): Help us out here, provide details please if you're affected by this problem. Precision counts here.
  • What is your exact problem - buttons missing, or buttons don't work?
  • What buttons, on what screen?
  • Are you using Draft (Blue) or Production (Orange) Blogger?
  • What browser, and what operating system (name and version) do you use?
  • What anti-virus product, and what cookie / script blockers, do you have on your browser or computer?
  • Have you tried clearing both cache and cookies, and restarting the browser?

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Jackie said…
Here are my specifics. I believe I lost my layout mode when I clicked on Classic try to add a custom back ground to my blog.

Now Blogger will not allow me to switch back to Layout Mode. On the customize template page it is missing the Upgrade button.

I have cleared all cache and cookies. I am running IE 6.0/Windows Norton for AV. Originally set up my blog in Layout mode... and it worked fine. Two other blogs are fine and remain unchanged.

Just wanted to pass on the specifics in hopes that someone could help.
My "UPGRADE YOUR TEMPLATE" button desappeared and I can´t do that.
I use IE 6.0 and already tried to clean my cache files and restart the browser, as I read in this site.
What else can I do?
Brian said…
I'm running firefox 3.0.1 on linux.

I can't add a functioning html or javascript widget.

I tried clearing all browser storage, didn't help.

After I click on "add a widget" I get a search window and type html
into the search text box. A bit down the page is the html/javascript

When I click its name or the + button I get a window that says: "[read-
only mode]" and I can't change it.

I can change Title, Height, and title but nothing else.

Junjie said…
I need help , for some reason , when i try to post , the color button is missing , i cannot find it , any help is deeply appreciated .
if you know how to fix this crap .
Christy said…
I have the exact same issue as Jackie.
Heather said…
I was trying to add the followers widget to my blog, but I do not have a layout button.

Not sure what to do about that.
punkky said…
I faced the common problem "Missing Upgrade Template button" when I used IE6. The problem is gone when I use Chrome browser. So, please give it a try.

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