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Cannot Upload Picture - Internal Error

For our third wildfire this month (and today being the 4th of the month yet!), we have a problem with Blogger, and Post Editor. When trying to upload a picture, the blogger sees
This image could not be uploaded due to an internal error.

One blogger reported seeing this error after installing a Pyzam template. From the volume of the posts in the forums, I don't think that's the only defining factor.

Some questions might be relevant, though. Answer as much as you can manage, please.
  • Does the blog have a Blogger standard, or third party, template?
  • Does the blog have a Classic or Layouts template?
  • Are you in Draft (Blue), or Standard (Orange) Blogger, when you see the error?
  • Has this blog ever been customised using Draft (Blue) Blogger? If so, what changes were made?
  • Are you using Page Elements, or Post Editor, when you are trying to upload?
  • What browser (name and version) are you using?
  • What operating system (name and version) are you using?
  • What security programs or devices (anti-virus, for instance) do you use to protect yourself?

>> (Update 8/4 20:00): Blogger Employee Gatsby reports that they are working on the problem.

>> Forum thread links: bX-*00081

>> Copy this tag: bX-*00081

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Migrant Tiger said…
Hi, I'm having the same problem, and would love any info you have on it.
I was just trying to switch banners in my header, and I deleted the old, and tried to upload a new one. The new one is the exact same size as the old. I'm receiving the following error:
This image could not be uploaded due to an internal error.
I'm using a standard blogger template
I'm not sure what draft or standard blogger means, but the screen is blue as opposed to orange.
I'm using Firefox.
Windows XP Pro
Microsoft Security Essentials and Super Anti-Spyware.

Now that the first header was deleted, I am not able to even upload the old one. There's just a blank space at the top.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
anagasto said…
I cannot upload either, but it doesn't say "internal error". Yesterday I changed to "Blogger-in-draft" which means the dashboard has changed. The upload window looks very different, too.
anagasto said…
Sorry. I panicked. Now it works. It was a momentary error, but since it coincided with that change in the dashboard, I was afraid the novelty was not yet free of bugs, and since I am in Spain, Google explanations on how to fix things come to me in Spanish -- l√≥gico, ¿no?

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