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So, Do You Want To Play A Game?

This is the game of "Porn\\\\Next Blog" surfing. Like all games, it must have some rules. You are welcome to make up your own, as you see fit. These are simply my rules, which I follow for consistency.
  1. Use Firefox, on a computer properly protected with Layered Security.
  2. Start Firefox from within SandboxIE.
  3. Open half a dozen or so tabs, to start, in the window.
  4. The goal of the game is to hit "Next Blog" repeatedly, until you have surfed to 3 Adult Friend Finder splogs.
  5. The surfing, for maximum consistency, should be done as rapidly as possible. One of the problems of "Next Blog" surfing is that you constantly find interesting blogs which you will be tempted to examine. Don't spend time looking at blogs, keep going. When you find any interesting blog, or when you find an AFF splog, move on to the next tab.
  6. When you have found 3 AFF splogs, you will have 3 tabs with those splogs, plus any incidentally interesting blogs, displayed in the tabs.
  7. If you fill up the tabs with interesting blogs, before you find 3 AFF splogs, open some more tabs and keep going.
  8. When you have found 3 AFF splogs, go to each tab, and count the number of blogs surfed for that tab. Right click on the "Go back one page" down arrow, and count the number of blogs listed. If there are 15 blogs listed, select the bottom blog in the list, and recheck the list (and repeat, if a 15 additional blogs are listed). Count the total number of blogs listed. Add up the counts, for all tabs, and remember to count the final blog surfed in each tab.
  9. The total number of blogs surfed will be the score.
  10. When you are done, use SandboxIE Control (right click on the SandboxIE icon in the tooltray) and "Terminate All Programs". Firefox, and any associated processes (including any possibly "malicious" scripts started from the splog code), will be flushed, without damaging your system.

Here's my play, from this evening. Look carefully at the content of each blog, in the 3 pictures, before concluding that I published 3 copies of the same picture! Look at the posts, below the white space!

See the white space below the top ad? That's where the AFF ads would be.

I may put alternate copies of these 3 splog pictures, with the AFF ads left in place, in another blog, later.

I just refuse to show pornographic pictures here. And by the way, those URLs are munged too.

For these 3 splogs, I counted a total of 30 splogs surfed. This makes the AFF splog count 1 in 10, which is kind of light. It's heavier at other times. Play it, and find out for yourself.

Looking closer at the pictures, you'll see that I opened 8 tabs, and filled 6 of the 8. Besides the 3 AFF splogs, there were 3 otherwise interesting blogs, which I will look at later. Some of those are possible splogs too.

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Fin said…
Try now. :)

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