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Missing Archives And Template Corruption

This blog has a lot of posts for me to keep up with, and they have been developed over a couple years. To find relevant posts, I frequently look in the date sequenced catalogue, aka "Archives". One would expect to find a catalogue of posts for each month, since the blog was started.

One would expect. Before checking your blog, be sure to reload the view, if it's been sitting for a few hours. This seems to have happened maybe sometime after 18:00 PST today, give or take 2 or 3 hours. I didn't see consistency in all of my browsers, until I refreshed the view of the blog.

This is normal.

This, too, is normal.

This is not normal. The numbers in parentheses indicates that I have posts for those months. But when "opened" (note the arrows for August, July, and June pointed down), nothing shows in the posts lists, as it does for December and November.

If I click on a month label, I can see all of the "missing" posts in main page view. So the archives aren't really missing, just the archives index list is borked.

I've checked this from another computer too, and I get the same results. Other people see other months missing too. My other blog of useful size, PChuck's Network, shows similar results, starting from July 2006 and going backwards. This is the same in Firefox and Internet Explorer too. After refreshing the blog view, as noted above.

Other bloggers are noted different problems. Some cannot find the "email this post" icon, others are seeing the "quick edit" icons (either the pencil, or the screwdriver / wrench) visible on the blog for all readers to see. Neither recovering the blog template, nor resetting the post template, have been 100% effective in this case. We should note that even when the pencil or screwdriver / wrench icon is seen by a reader, clicking on the icon does not give the reader access to blog settings.

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