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Your Email Address Is Private To You

One of the long awaited features in New Blogger (2006) was the ability to restrict access to your blog.

Designating your blog as private, to be read by authorised parties only, was a much requested feature.

Blogger uses your Google account to identify you, and verify that you are authorised to view any blog (including yours). And that causes occasional concern - fortunately unnecessary, in this case.

Seeing your Google account, which coincidentally may be the same as your email address, as you peruse your blog, is a bit scary.

As you see your email address in your Blogger page header, every visitor to your blog is seeing their own email address in their Blogger page header.

Everybody sees their own email address - nobody sees yours, except you.

Nobody else sees your email address. I see mine, where you see yours - with a blog that uses a Classic, Designer, or Layout class template. With blogs that use a Custom (third party), Dynamic (continuous scrolling), or Responsive (2017 new template) template, your blog may not even have a navbar.

A recently seen increase in spam is not from your email address being visible.

If you're seeing an increase in spam recently, it's not related to your Blogger / Google account being visible to spammers.
  • Improved spam filtering requires increased spam volume, in order to allow the spammers to maintain a constant income level.
  • Increased availability of bots makes the increased spam volume possible.
None of this, unless your computer has become part of a botnet, is related to anything that you have or haven't done.

Work on important issues - this is not one to worry about.

Relax just a bit. Concentrate on other, more important issues. But accept the inevitable - you will need a Google account, to use Blogger. Your (Blogger) Google account, and your (GMail) Google account don't have to be the same, though. Google accounts are free, and you can set up another, if you like.

(Note 2/13): As noted by Pete in his separate comment, your email address is kept private, by carefully designed code:
The iframe separation keeps arbitrary Blog*Spot blogs from reading (for example) your Google Account e-mail address when you're logged in.


DandT said…
thanks for the post about the email address only being visible to yourself. It sets a mind at ease
ida said…
good to hear, but the e-mail adress I'm using does no longer exist, so how do I change it? Would be glad if someone could answer. :)
Nitecruzr said…

This is yet again where I beg that you post in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, and get peer support.
Miggy said…
Glad that has been cleared up. I have some controversial things to say and want by identity kept private.
Unknown said…
Takes a huge weight off my mind, I thought it was visible and was really concerned. Thanks so much for clearing this up!!!!!
Cathy said…
Thanks a ton! I was kinda worried about creepers...
Handiwork said…
Thanks. This is still a useful post.
StarryScientist said…
Thanks muchly! Yeah scared myself for a second as I didn't want anyone with my email address to find my private musings. Great post :)

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