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Sunday, November 08, 2015

AdSense Does Not Work With Dynamic Templates

We see daily reports, in AdSense Help Forum: Blogger / Host Partners, about blogs with blank or empty ads.
My AdSense was approved weeks ago! Why no ads, on my blog, even now??
The owners are certain that their blogs are mature and righteous - and that they received final approval for ad content.

Looking at the blog - when the blog name is provided - we see one unfortunate detail, in many blogs. Blogs published to dynamic templates.

Blogs which use dynamic templates will not show ads.

AdSense is a contextual ads hosting service. Ad content depends upon automated analysis of blog content.

AdSense crawls a wide range of blogs and websites, analysing access and content.

The AdSense ad content crawlers are designed to crawl, and analyse, blogs and websites of all brands and services. Normal crawlers, such as what AdSense uses, crawl a web site using the rendered page source.

Take a look at the page source, when you're viewing a Blogger blog, that uses a dynamic template. You will find no post content. A dynamic template does not use HTML, it is pure JavaScript, reading the blog posts and comments newsfeeds.

Blogger and Google crawl blogs, using the Blogger generated sitemaps.

Blogger abuse classification crawlers, and Google search engine crawlers, use the Blogger blog sitemap. The recently added automatic Blogger sitemap should provide improved abuse and search indexing, for all Blogger blogs.

AdSense crawls rendered blog / website content - not sitemaps.

The AdSense crawlers, however, crawl rendered content - because part of AdSense crawling involves monitoring accessibility of blogs and websites, and what your readers see.

Blogs and websites which hide content behind JavaScript are not so beneficial, with AdSense. AdSense wants to assure its customers, the advertising managers who contract for properly hosted ads, that their ads will be viewed by everybody who accesses a blog that hosts their ads.

People who use JavaScript to connect their web pages can't use AdSense - and that includes people who publish blogs using dynamic templates.

The bad news, that you'll be getting.

Insufficient content: To be approved for AdSense and show relevant ads on your site, your pages need to have enough text on them for our specialists to review and for our crawler to be able to determine what your pages are about.

If you want to use AdSense, you can't use a dynamic template - regardless whether Blogger cleverly packages AdSense gadgets in the dynamic template layout.

Yes, you will see more than this - and yes, you will (may) see ads - for a while. Not for long, though.

Blogs re published to dynamic templates will continue to show ads - for a while.

If you've had AdSense for years, and you just re published your blog to a dynamic template, you'll probably show ads - for a while. The AdSense crawlers, like the Blogger and Google crawlers, won't crawl every blog every day (maybe not every week or month).

AdSense will eventually crawl your blog, find no content, and your ads will stop.

Eventually, though, they will crawl your blog. And when they can't access content, newly hidden behind dynamic template JavaScript (blog feed content), your blog will be flagged - and your ads will cease.

No ads == no money for you.

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Troy Frericks said...

Thank you for the post. I've been dealing with this since I tried out something other than the standard template this morning. Probably saved me hours of time trying to fix this. Heading for the 'Awesome Inc.' templates. Thanks again.

Shirleen Li said...

Thanks for this post! Very informative! I do have the problem that my ads are not showing up and have been trying to find out why. Now, how do you know if the template is dynamic or not when using a customised one? Would you be able to help?
Thanks in advance!

Chuck Croll said...

Hi Shirleen,

Thanks for the feedback - and the question.

It's not difficult to identify the blog template.

What's the URL of your blog?