Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Custom Domain Publishing Is Back - And With A New Detail

After a very stressful week, Blogger Engineering has restored the custom domain publishing option.
Last week we encountered an issue that could affect Blogger users in the process of configuring a custom domain, during the verification of ownership of domains between the provider and Blogger. Blogs with previously configured custom domains were not affected.

With the reason for disabling custom domain publishing being security, Blogger Engineering has added a step in the publishing process, to add a random token as a "CNAME", and verify your right to publish to your domain, from Blogger. You get the random token from the "settings instructions" document, "How do I use a custom domain name for my blog?".

See the URL of this (hypothetical) settings instructions document?


This is an example. If you're registering a domain other than "www.hotspotshield.com", you're going to have a different token - which should be a function of the BlogSpot and domain URLs. You'll also note another case sensitivity issue - "www.hotspotshield.com" and "www.HotSpotShield.com" will produce completely different tokens.
Now, it's an out of date example.
That's what you get, for "www.hotspotshield.com", today. We'll check again, tomorrow. Also, we need to know when "today" ends.

If you buy a domain using "Buy a domain" after today, Google Apps should setup the domain for you - including the second "CNAME". If you bought the domain directly from a registrar, you're going to have to click on "settings instructions", and get the token for your domain. Note that a "CNAME" is required - a "TXT" won't provide the same verification. Also note the various registrar entry conventions, which will affect your use of their domain manager forms.

We are learning a lot of details about the domain verification process, some of which were known in custom domain setup in general - and which are absolutely critical to the process. You will want to read the [FAQ] Why is my domain still in "12" / "404" State?, to get all of the details. The FAQ has been updated several times, so re read it often..

This will, hopefully, provide a solution for the Abandoned Domains problem, and allow everybody to publish to their domain, regardless of whether the domain was previously used for Blogger / Google custom domain publishing by another blog.

On the other hand, if you purchased your domain using "Buy a domain", and you ever need to recycle the publishing settings, you're probably going to have to add this new "CNAME" to your domain, before you can re publish. This will possibly include everybody who purchased their domain, before the Publishing option was disabled - if the domain is not operational right now - and possibly, blog owners who need to un delete a domain published blog.

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Katie Reilly said...
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montronix said...

this is not working.

Chuck Croll said...


If you post in the forum, we'll do our best to get you sorted.

Shari Miller said...

Not working for me either. Using domain registered with BlueHost.

Host Record: www
Points to: ghs.google.com

Then added another host record:
Points to: gv-ddfaoq2la5ojfdysqhg5budo4o6zr3frvlphiuhznd4gkh7kjzma.domainverify.googlehosted.com

Any suggestions would be helpful thanks

Andie Watson said...

I am SO lost on the whole 2nd CNAME thing. Where do I add it and what do I add? I have tried everything and I am REALLY close to deleting everything. I've never been so stressed out using anything.

Diogo said...

Hi, 1and1.com is a domain provider that doesn't allow for a second CNAME (and a few more things), i just bought a domain for my blog, and now I cant use it with the 1and1 and cant transfer it to godaddy (have to wait 60 days).
I only bought it from that provider because it is one of the mentioned ones in the blogger help: http://support.google.com/blogger/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55374

Please do something about it, like asking for a subdomain with a generated code as a name. It would work in 1and1 and probably all the others.


E.T. von roundaboutme said...

I´ve the same problem @Diogo. My domain is 1&1 ane I can´t do anything. No 2nd CNAME and the instructions are nit the same at 1&1. How can the 1&1-users add their blogger-/ blogspot- blog to 1&1?

Rizky Fimanto said...

I have same problem,, I have enter two CNAME ,first is "www"in the name and ghs.google.com in the destination. in the second CNAME I've enter my token from my blogger ID,, but still error 404 ,Why? I was wait for 24 hour.. , anybody help me,please

Chuck Croll said...


I know that the new "CNAME" is frustrating - but the FAQ contains all of the details that we've learned, so far. It is essential to the security of your blog and domain.


Chuck Croll said...


Without knowing the details of your domain, I'm not able to help you much. Why not post in the forum, where we can interview you properly.

sirach said...

I followed all instructions. But only www.domain.com is working.

If I give domain.com it throws 404 error. I already selected the option domain.com redirect to www.redirect.com

Please suggest.

Abes said...

So, is there a work-around for those who recently purchased domains from 1and1.com. 1and1.com allows ONLY 1 CName and there's no way to add the second CName that Blogger now requires.

Please advise.

Abes said...

Is there a work-around for those who have recently purchased domains from 1and1.com? 1and1.com only supports 1 CName and there' sno way to add the second CName that Blogger now requires. Please advise.

Linuxbyexamples said...

I use godaddy as my registrar. I can successfully add the 1st www cname -> ghs.google.com

But for the 2nd record, I can not add it. The godaddy dns zone through an error.

How can I add this 2nd cname record ?

chicky642 said...

Please can someone help me i have spent the last days trying to work this out, I purchased a custom domain on blogger through godaddy and payment has all come out of my bank, yet this is not working and my URL brings up like u say error 404? what must i do i cannot figure it out?

any help would be so much appreciated!

Chuck Croll said...


This problem can be much easier diagnosed in a proper dialogue, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

SailFarLiveFree said...

My new domain (www.jobiology.com) purchased through Blogger is still not working for www.jobiology.blogspot.com.

If I purchased through Blogger, I don't have to do the CNAME set up, correct? It should be automatic, right?

Chuck Croll said...


If you purchase the domain through Blogger you should not have to setup any "CNAME"s. In the majority of the cases, this will be true.

Unfortunately, if there is a problem with the domain (as is apparently your case), then you have to republish the blog, to the domain. And that will require adding the ownership verification "CNAME".



eva balajadia said...

hi, i need help. i recently registered domain at moniker. i followed the setting instructions.

Host Record: www
Points to: ghs.google.com

Then added another host record:
Points to:

But then, i get this -
IP Address is invalid gv-iqvzt7usm6f5y5x2dpdhikna7ftgsqynx653xdg2vbfatc2sr2tq.domainverify.googlehosted.com

Host contains invalid characters: @2c7m5jheaan4

Any advise? Please? Thank you.

Chuck Croll said...


I'd like to work on this with you - but Blogger Help Forum provides a much easier working environment, than using Blogger commenting, on this blog.