"www.nitecruzr.net" Is Now Online

But "nitecruzr.net" is still a problem.

I was able to publish the domain back to "nitecruzr-dot-net.blogspot.com", then republish to "www.nitecruzr.net", but when I selected "Redirect "nitecruzr.net to www.nitecruzr.net.", I got the old familiar
Another blog is already hosted at this address.

Attempting to publish back to BlogSpot again, I got the other old friend, the bX-f42977.

Consistency, at least.

And, trying to access either "nitecruzr-dot-net.blogspot.com" or "nitecruzr.net" gives us a predictable
Server Not Found

Error 404

Oh well, it's 1/3 back anyway.

>> (Update 8/30 17:00): Nitecruzr Dot Net, in all 3 aliases, is back online.

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exocubic said…
I'm having exactly the same issue. Is this something that just needs time and propagation to cure, or ?

Thanks for a very helpful site.
Chuck said…
Thanks for the comment.

We have isolated reports of this problem still. Have you posted yet in GBH: Something Is Broken?

The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.