Mail-to-Blogger - August 2008

Various bloggers in the Google Blogger Help forums are stating
None of my mail-to-blogger posts are making it to my blogs. And it is not till I actually go onto my blog and discover that all the emails I have done over the past 48 hours have not made it.

As of 11:00 8/22, there are no confirmed affinities to the problem. Some, but not all, complaints appear to relate to email from phone and PDAs - possibly because more people use MTB from phones and PDAs. And, the outage is not 100% - I personally have posted to my test blog, twice with no problem.

In my case, I initially tested yesterday, and got an immediate email bounce.

MTB Test 20080821-1

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of permanent failure:
The email account that you tried to reach does not exist.

I went to Settings - Email, then verified and Re Saved my settings. I sent MTB Test 20080821-2, which posted fine. And ditto for this morning with MTB Test 20080822-1.

Unfortunately, re Saving may not be a 100% effective solution.

>> (Update 8/22 11:45): We have an acknowledgment from Blogger Employee Gatsby
Thanks for the heads up on the Mail2Blogger issues; we'll investigate this and report back with an update soon.

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nexgenlaw said…
Thank you for this information. I have been trying to publish by e-mail on two separate blogs for the past two days with no success. It appears that others have been having problems for an even longer period of time. (

I tried publishing by e-mail a second time, no luck. I then tried doing what you did - opening my settings, confirming publish by e-mail, saving settings, and then publishing again for a third time. No luck.

The most frustrating part is the lack of response to this issue from Blogger. I am pleased to find this blog as it does, indeed, provide "the real Blogger status. Thanks.