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Make Your Blog Searchable - Where To Start

Making a blog searchable is the first step in getting search traffic, and readers, for our blogs - when we want them visible to the public.

Not all blog owners want their blogs visible to everybody. Complementing the ability to publish a blog, and have it visible only to invited readers, Blogger gives us the ability to make the blog invisible, to the search engines.

If we want readers for a blog, and do not have a private reader audience in mind, we first make it visible to the search engines.

The Privacy wizard, on the Blogger dashboard, lets us choose whether to make a blog visible to the search engines.

Start with the dashboard Settings - Basic page, and Edit the Privacy setting.

Select "Yes" for both options - if you want the blog indexed.

Select "Yes" for both options, if you want the blog indexed. This is how you start getting search traffic, and readers, for your blog.
  • Add your blog to our listings?
  • Let search engines find your blog?
And click "Save changes".

Having made the blog visible to the search engines, continue by publishing lots of informative, interesting, and unique content. Make it a blog that people will read - and that search engines will index.

If you prefer the blog to be invisible or private, on the other hand, select "No" for both options. Then continue by developing your private audience, as you like.

There are more settings - for owners who want to fine tune search engine access. Both the Blogger dashboard Settings - "Search preferences" page, and the "Google Search console" (previously known as "Webmaster Tools"), have a rich collection of settings, complementing "Privacy".

If you really want to fine tune these settings, look at the Settings - "Search preferences" page, and the "Crawlers and indexing" section - but read and heed the serious advice.
Warning! Use with caution. Incorrect use of these features can result in your blog being ignored by search engines.

You can read more advice in Blogger: Help people find your blog on search engines - and Webmasters: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide. And you'll find Webmaster Central: Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking and Webmaster Central: Search Console useful for personal advice, complementing Blogger Help Forum.

Since Webmaster Forums supports owners of static websites, as well as owners of Blogger blogs (and other blogs), not all Search Console / Webmaster advice and tools will be useful for Blogger blogs. Be selective when considering Webmaster instructions - and ask questions in Blogger Help Forum, any time you feel the need.

The "Privacy" wizard is where you start - and similarly where some blog owners should stop.

The Blogger "Privacy" wizard, on the "Basic" Settings page, provides the start to getting a blog indexed by the search engines - when we want a blog indexed. Not all blog owners want their blog indexed - and that need makes the "Privacy" settings relevant.


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