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Please, NEVER Share Your Blogger Account!

We see signs of naivete, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. too often.
I gave my boyfriend (girlfriend, former spouse, Internet acquaintance, whatever) my account password - and now, I can't access my account.
This is a problem which Blogger cannot resolve, in any way.

Please, never ever share your Blogger account. Blogger accounts, like Blogger blogs, are free.

If someone who you know would like to read your private blog - or contribute to your team blog - add that person as a blog member, and let her / him use his / her own Blogger account (new, or existing).

There is absolutely no need for you to ever share your Blogger account.

Use private / team blog membership, when applicable.

Shared Blogger accounts carry all of the risks of team blog ownership - and more. Do not share your personal Blogger account to provide private blog membership, or team blog ownership.

Blogger does not provide an option to protect blog content, using a shared password. If you want to password protect blog content, make the blog private, and add readers. Let your readers use their own password (with their own Blogger account).

Split a blog into a security cluster, if necessary.

If you want to password protect a portion of a Blogger blog, break the blog into two portions - the public portion, and the private portion, and provide the private portion as a private blog.

Private blogs, with large reader communities, will require imaginative setup.

If you must have a private blog with more than 100 members, and you cannot use Google+ as an email based distribution medium, setup a read only account to access the blog - and let the members share that Blogger account.

If you setup a shared Blogger account as a blog member (read only), you'll need to maintain a separate mailing list of all shared members. Use BCC to email everybody (don't share everybody's email address with everybody else), giving them the shared account name and password. Save the mailing list, carefully.

With 100+ shared account members, chances are that one day, somebody will change the password on the account, and lock out everybody else. You'll have to then setup a new Blogger account, make that account a new read only blog member, cancel the old member, and email everybody with the new shared account name and password.

If you must have a community, of over 100 members, and let everybody share (not just read), use Google+ - or setup a wiki based website. Your needs are far beyond the ability of Blogger.

When another person works on the blog, they can use their own account.

If you need someone else to work on the blog, make them a blog member or administrator - with their own Blogger account. If their usefulness is temporary, when they are done, revoke their access to the blog - then verify that they did not leave any back door code behind.

Your account name and password is your personal identity.

In any case, keep your account and password (and the blog ownership) private, to you.

Use common sense. Do not share your Blogger account.

  • Do not share your Blogger account with your boyfriend.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your girlfriend.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your husband.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your wife.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your boss.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your employee.
  • Do not share your Blogger account with your collaborator.

I've warned everybody that team blogs are security risks - but they are way safer than team Blogger accounts.

  • Do not wear other peoples underpants.
  • Do not share your Blogger account.

Both are rules to live by.


Good serious advice,and you convey it in such a humorous way, although perhaps unintended. Nonetheless, I do take this quite seriously. Most helpful is the list. Some people are inclined to share with their spouses/partners everything, including their blogs.

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