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There Are No Shortcuts Or Workarounds To A Stable Custom Domain

Some Blogger blog owners treat custom domain publishing, as drivers in Miami USA treat the suburban streets.

Have you ever been to Miami, Florida, USA?

Many of the suburban streets there are long, straight, and intersect at 90 degree angles. And as you get into the outer suburbs, with housing developments which (this year) may be right next to the Everglades - there will be almost no traffic, much of the day.

The major streets intersect with stop signs or traffic lights. Many of the natives blow the stop signs, run the red lights, and speed with almost reckless abandon. And auto collisions are frequent - and lawyers and police are very busy.

I car pooled with a co worker for a while, until I noticed that he drove like a native.

His justification?

My brother does this all of the time - and he never gets into an accident - and has never been stopped by the police!

One day, after work, we were getting home - and as we approached the final traffic light, the light cycled green. There was no other traffic in front, or behind.

Instead of cruising through the intersection, my bud jammed on the brakes, and came to a screeching halt. As soon as I untangled my forehead from the dashboard, I started screaming at him. His reply?

My brother lives down that street!

In Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, we deal with the reckless abandon of some blog owners, setting up their custom domains.

There is much confusion, and bad advice, provided by blog owners who want to publish their blogs to custom domains - but find the official instructions to be either confining or confusing.

For every need, you will find bad advice.

  • Can't buy a domain? No problem, get a free domain.
  • Can't figure out the supported DNS configuration? No problem! Get the registrar to setup forwarding!!
  • Can't wait for HTTPS connectivity provided by Blogger? Use proxied SSL from CloudFlare!!!
  • Want to publish to the domain root ("naked" domain)? No problem! There's a great kludge for that, too!!!

There's a workaround, for every need - but how many are effective, long term?

And here in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, we see the results.

And all of these symptoms - and the frustrating secondary results - can be avoided.

If you want to setup your domain, properly - and you find the official instructions to be confining or confusing - see my tutorial here - and more recently, here.

You may, alternately, read my forum FAQ, here - or the official Blogger Help FAQ, here.

Many problems can be avoided - if you only believe. There is but one configuration, for each publishing need - if you want to avoid the problems - though some folks may be more optimistic.

  • Poor search engine activity.
  • Spurious malware / spam classification.
  • The old "Another blog ..." / "Key already exists ...".

Or, we'll see you, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken - whether immediately, or years later.


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