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YouTube Hosted Videos, And Mobile Computers

We see occasional reports from owners of blogs with lots of video content.
My readers can't view the YouTube videos in my blog, on their cell phones or iPads.

YouTube video content, as uploaded through the Blogger Post Editor, uses Adobe Flash embedded code. The native browser, on Apple based mobile computers, doesn't support Flash content. Many non Apple mobile computers may be similarly limited.

Before Flash became a part of the Adobe Products multimedia suite, some security experts believed it to cause security vulnerabilities. Some owners of desktop and laptop computers have blocked Flash in their browsers also.

There is probably no 100% accepted or used solution, for blogs which contain videos uploaded using Blogger Post Editor.

If your blog contains videos, uploaded using Post Editor, and your readers have problems viewing your videos, you have several possible solutions.

  • Replace all video content, in your blog, with the YouTube embedded player.
  • Instruct your readers, who use mobile computers, to view your blog using a custom, non Apple browser.
  • Instruct your readers, who use desktop and laptop computers where Flash based content is blocked, to allow Flash on their computers.

Neither solution will be universally accepted or usable.

Editing the posts in the blog, and replacing each Flash based video with the native (non Flash based) YouTube player, embedded in an iframe, is going to present a fair amount of effort, for blogs with lots of videos. Each blog post will have to be edited, in HTML mode - and the code for each video replaced by the code provided on the YouTube website.

The alternative - having your readers use a different browser, on their mobile computers - may not be widely accepted.

Not all mobile computers will support installation of additional browsers. Also, not all mobile computer owners will want to install a custom browser, simply to view the videos on your blog. And casual visitors to your blog may not even understand this solution.

The bottom line here is that you may have some decisions to make, if you upload videos to your blog posts, using Blogger Post Editor. This is one more example of the challenges involved, in supporting mobile blog access.

YouTube Hosted Videos May Not Be Visible, On Some Mobile Computers
YouTube Hosted Videos, And Mobile Computers


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