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Post Editor Problems With Blog Owners Using Internet Explorer V8

We've been seeing a steady stream of problems being reported in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, from blog owners unable to use post editor.

The symptoms are varied, in detail.
  • Some can't get the cursor active, in the window.
  • Others can't use the Preview option.
  • Still others can't Publish.
The primary symptom, seen by many, involves yet another mysterious bX code.

In many cases, this problem has been forecast, for some time - and the blog owners should blame only themselves. Many of these blog owners are using - or trying to use - Internet Explorer V8, to maintain their blogs.

Last year, Google warned us that this time was coming.
We support the latest version of Google Chrome (which automatically updates whenever it detects that a new version of the browser is available). We support the current and previous major releases of Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, we begin supporting that version and stop supporting the third most recent version.

Google stopped supporting Internet Explorer V8, in 2012.
As previously announced, Internet Explorer 10 launched on October 26, 2012, and as a result, we discontinued support for Internet Explorer 8 on November 15.

Recently, as part of an update to post editor, Blogger used code which is incompatible with Internet Explorer V8. As they continue to update Blogger, to remain compatible with newer browsers, they will continue this policy.

As time progresses, more blog owners, trying to use IE V8, will find problems with Blogger - with the problems not answered by Blogger Support. Blog owners using IE V9 or V10, in compatibility mode, will also see these problems.

If you are using Internet Explorer V8, you are way overdue for a browser upgrade. If your computer uses Windows XP, then you need to replace or update your computer. As an alternative, consider using Chrome or Firefox for all Blogger activity.

The solution, for this problem, requires your action.

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G. B. Miller said…
Thanks for the refresher. I recently bought a computer with Windows 7 and have IE10 on it, and I'll make sure to use Chrome on my old XP (which will eventually be used just for writing) whenever I want to write blog posts on it.
Star Lawrence said…
I finally tried that Chrome thing--slow slow--horribly clunky. I guess it's now a necessary evil. We bloggers with Adsense make money for you, Google, please make it easier for us, not harder. Some of us are not bitheads who get every new wrinkle. I told my sister maybe it was time to end my 8-yr old site. A sign. I don't know.
William Kendall said…
Fortunately Chrome's not a problem to access. I just have to be careful which window I have open at a given time.
Nitecruzr said…

You're going to find both Chrome and Firefox a bit clunkier than IE V8. Chrome, Firefox, and IE V9 are better equipped to run Blogger, however.
I am using chrome and get the same error.
Bob G. said…
Let's see...
Google owns CHROME...and BLOGGER.
Well, that makes sense.
Get everyone to use YOUR propriatary product, and don't support all those using IE8...
Win XP works fine as well...another soon to be UNsupported O/S.

Everyone can't get new computers or O/S EVERY time some new software comes out...
Sure glad major APPLIANCES don;t follow similar lines.
We'd ALL be broke!
(unlike the manner is which Blogger is broke)
Unknown said…
I have updated to the latest Google Chrome and still am unable to publish comments on my laptop for over two weeks now. I have to do it on my cell phone instead.

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