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Confusion Over Custom Domain Expiration Dates, Caused By Google Apps Email

We're seeing some panic today, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, from a few blog owners who have received email, which implies that their custom domain registrations are approaching expiration - and can't be renewed.
I registered my domain several months ago, through Google. I have the receipt for the payment in my email, my Google Wallet account, and my credit card statement.

Why am I getting this email now, some months after registering my domain - but well before my registration should be expiring?
Our records indicate that the payment for registering your domain was unsuccessful.

Payment failures happen for a variety of reasons (such as insufficient funds or an expired card). You can update your payment information to resolve the issue.

Please log in to your account and update your payment information. If you take no action, your domain will not be renewed on .

This confusion is especially unfortunate, given the recent discontinuation of the very popular Google Domain Registration option, which drives the Blogger "Buy a domain" wizard. It is reminiscent of a similar episode, almost a year ago.

When this confusion is reported in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, it's not difficult to dispel the panic. Several helpful websites provide registration look up services for the domains in question - and allow us to easily verify that there is no sudden flood of registration problems.
Overview for
Registrar Info
Name  ENOM, INC.
Whois Server
Referral URL
Status  clientTransferProhibited

Important Dates
Expires On  December 01, 2013
Registered On  December 01, 2012
Updated On  December 01, 2012

We have identified a popular topic in Google Apps Forum: General Discussion, where this issue is being discussed, and which has been forwarded to Google Apps Support.

Please watch the Google Apps discussion, or this blog post, for updates. And get back to work, on your blog.

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Unknown said…
thank you for putting my mind at ease!!!
Gyanu Basnet said…
I think this is not good because at last they redirect to business apps and billing verify. I've got 20 message for my 20 domains with the same error message... but I've just renewed before few months..
Gyanu Basnet
sally may mills said…
Finally I have found someone with EXACTLY the same problem I am having. It has taken over a week of research. I can't access my google apps account and receive an "invalid request" message each time. Very frustrating and I am worried that my two blog domains will disappear before I can rectify the issue. Any updates?
Adam said…
Do you think there is going to be a problem renewing these domains automatically in 2014 (which is when many of them actually will be up for renewal)?
Nitecruzr said…

You've seen how quickly Blogger / Google changes direction - and they seldom involve anybody when deliberating.

We can speculate all that we want - and they may find another way, to make any speculation right - or wrong.

I'd believe anything.

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