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Browser Updates, And Blogger

The programmers at Blogger surely feel like Sisyphus - they have a never ending job.

Even if they were to stop updating Blogger with new and improved features, they would still be constantly busy. That's because the hackers and spammers keep busy, which in turn drives the programmers who produce the browsers to keep busy. And browser updates require constant attention from the programmers who produce Blogger.

With each new browser release, Blogger needs to ensure that each Blogger feature and utility works with the new browser. When Blogger don't keep up with the new browser releases, we see the symptoms
I just updated to the latest version of Firefox, and now I can't post!
All of a sudden, I can't update my template, using Internet Explorer. I just switched to Firefox, and I'm fine.
These are typical reports occasionally seen in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue. Both of these reports can be related to security settings problems - but there are other possibilities too.

You have to keep up with the new software - and with updates to existing software.

If you are going to use a browser, you have to update occasionally.

When a new browser version comes out, you'll have to upgrade eventually. But, if you upgrade immediately, just to get the latest version of bells and whistles - or if you upgrade simply to solve one problem with Blogger, you'll possibly soon start to feel like the legendary Dutch boy who tried to keep the ocean from leaking through the dike - as soon as you plug one hole, you'll see a dozen more.

If you just upgraded to the latest version of Firefox or Internet Explorer, because of a problem with Stats or with Template Designer, and now Post Editor doesn't work, you have two choices.
Everybody should learn some amount of diagnostic skill.

You're going to have to learn problem diagnosis techniques. You're not going to solve every problem, consistently, with the all too common advice
Try using a different browser.
Upgrade to the latest version of Firefox.

For a canonical list of browser versions supported by Blogger, click here.


Mary said…
I'm not sure that most people need to become experts at diagnosing problems. IMHO they just need to become expert at finding effective ways of working.

Yes, professional bloggers have more incentive to get better at PC problem diagnosis. But they still don't need to be expert.

It's like a car really: a professional chauffer is likely to know more about the operation of a car than a Sunday-driver does. But still neither of them needs to be a mechanic.
Nitecruzr said…
Good point. Mary.

Unfortunately, many problems reported in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken are problems which Blogger cannot fix.

Short of having a staff mechanic, you the car owner better know what petrol goes into your auto's gas tank. And you better know how to add air to the tyres - the clerk at the self service petrol station is not going to know that - especially if your auto has an electric motor.

And the cop who stops you for going 55 in a 35 zone won't care if you're a professional chauffeur. He will expect that you be able to read the sign that says "35" though.

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