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The New Commenting System Is Being Rolled Out, Blog By Blog

Many bloggers are enjoying the new ability to "Mark as spam" any offending comments, with the anticipation that shortly similar comments will be routed directly to the "Spam" Comment folder. Other bloggers, who do not see "Mark as spam?" are asking
How do I report these comments?
Blogger has told us that the new comment moderation system is not yet rolled out to all blogs, as this is being done on a blog by blog basis.

If you don't yet see a "Mark as spam" link or selection in your comment moderation queue, rest assured that you will, soon. And later, you'll stop seeing the typical "Nice blog" spam - unless you go diving into the Spam Comments folder.

Be patient, your blog will have the new system shortly - if it does not, already. And if your blog does offer you this ability, use it. The new system depends upon your input - it will not know what should be put into Spam directly, without votes from you and others like you. And remember to use it frequently, and promptly, for best results.

(Update 8/17): A discussion today suggests that some blogs may not be getting the new commenting system, if comment moderation is disabled. If you are waiting for the new system, and your blog does not use moderation (possibly intentionally), enable moderation. Select "Only on posts older than" and give it 90 , 180, or 365 days. That will give you unmoderated posts, for anything but very old posts, and possibly give you the new system.

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Lena said…
Just now I received a notification of a pending comment in my email, it was from a spam bot that has been hitting my blog lately. but apparently blogger deleted it because it never showed up in my blog's moderation. Just doesn't exist. I'm worried that blogger will falsely mark legitimate comments as spam.
Chuck said…

Did you look in the Spam tab?

"You should occasionally check the comments in your spam inbox."
Lena said…
Thank you, I see it now!
pcd2k said…
I already have a spam proof Disqus commenting system installed on my nevertheless blog, so I'm concerned whether this new commenting system from google will either conflict or add confusion to my template ? I mean do I have an option not to install the new commenting system ?
Meadows08 said…
I just enabled comment moderation on posts older than 180 days and lo and behold there was the "comments" tab! Thanks for the info.
maiaT said…
Hi Chuck,
It's always of great help to read your posts, many thanks for sharing them.

I have a simple question:
With all due respect, what is this "Mark as spam" feature good for?
I have it from the beginnings, I marked the spammer each time and his next comment is still among the "nice comments". Nothing happens.
Yes, I moderate comments, but wouldn't it be easier to have a simple "block" button as on YouTube. Why is this so difficult for Blogger?
Chuck said…

The problem with a simple "This comment is spam" click and remove would be that too many people would maliciously declare spam to anything that displeases them. Many people would stop commenting, when their blogs started being locked, if this was to happen.

Instead, Blogger requires that multiple blog owners vote any comment as spam, before it gets accepted as such. It's like a Wiki. Read how WikiPedia works, some time.

This means that comments that are more unique to single blogs will have to be marked, repeatedly, by the individual blog owners. Comments that are common to hundreds of blogs will be marked and removed, almost immediately. This lets the blog owners focus on the individual and unique comments.
maiaT said…
Thanks Chuck.
You are right in what you are saying, and that is the problem.
This "Mark as spam" feature is not necessarily for my blog's protection, but for keeping Blogger's listing clean(er). In fact, it is what the flag was earlier but now, we have it twice: once on the navbar and once in the comment moderation.

What I would like is to protect my blog and I was searching for a solution when I found this post.

I am talking about offending comments, that are not spam (are they?), maybe just antipathy against me and my blog. Still, this offender has his right of freely speaking out his mind and I should have the possibility to lock him out of my blog with something like a block list.
You can't report someone just because he doesn't like you, not in real life and not in virtual.
So, what is this spam blocker doing for me?

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