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Challenges Presented By The New Commenting System

Now that we are seeing the new Blogger commenting system rolled out through the majority of our blogs, some bloggers are seeing problems with the "spam" / "not spam" classification of some comments.

While the training process is in progress, and the system is still "learning" which comments are spam - and which are not spam, we are going to see some legitimate comments dropped into the "Spam" folder. We will similarly continue to see some spam comments published (with moderation not enabled), or dropped into the "Awaiting Moderation" folder (with moderation enabled).

Until the system has "learned" your standards, you would do well to moderate comments for a while (even if that's not your personal preference).

Periodically, scan through the "Published", "Awaiting Moderation" and "Spam" folders, looking for comments which are in the wrong folder. In the first two folders, check and select "Spam" for those comments which you consider spam. In the latter folder, check and select "Not Spam" for those comments which you do not consider to be spam.

If you find your self significantly disagreeing with the system, as to which folders your various incoming comments are being dropped into, continue to scan, and correct. Only, by your doing this, will the system learn your personal standards. If you stop moderation, and continue to find comments that are being mis classified, according to your standards, you have only yourself to blame.

Just remember, the new system is not optional. Everybody has to work together, to make it work.

We need to moderate sooner, not later.


Gerry said…
Thanks for the good info :)
#1Nana said…
I think the new system is nifty. My only complaint is that I have it on only one of my blogs. I check everyday to see if it has shown up on my main luck so far!
Bluebear2 said…
The problem we are having is that even after tagging commenters as not spam, if the commenter leaves more than one link in a comment it still gets sent to spam.
Penny said…
Sometimes comments that seem legitimate are actually spam. Spammers are getting more crafty by saying how great your blog is, but if you check around you'll see they leave the same comment on other blogs and/or their links and followings prove them to be spammers. Some blog owners just aren't picky...they don't care if a comment is bogus as hell. But people like me don't want fake comments, so seemingly benevolent comments are going to get tossed. I wonder how that's going to affect the effectiveness of this new comment system.
Chuck said…
Sometimes comments that seem legitimate are actually spam.

You're talking about "Nice Blog" spam. I take great pleasure in marking that as Spam. I'm betting that, as the more blatant spam becomes learned by the filters, blog owners will be able to notice the "Nice Blog" spam more consistently.
Penny said…
Wow. Nice Blog was a really good article. Too bad I never read it...I must have skipped it, because I always moderate. The comments you got were priceless. Oh, and BTW, I got that very same "Don't know what to say" spam comment. That was the sentence that made me suspicious. I've commented on blogs only to find out later--when subsequent comments appeared--that obvious spam comments were being published. Some in a foreign language--like, paste the symbols into Google's translator to get an idea of what they're saying, for God's sake. And I'd then become afraid that these spammers would visit my poor blog. I really, really wanted to delete my comment by then, but there was no feature for me to snip, snip.
Here's my issue with the new system - In the PUBLISHED tab, I selected all and clicked DELETE, not REMOVE CONTENT and ended up deleting 5 years worth of published comments on my blog. FIVE YEARS OF COMMENTS!

I was under the impression I was deleting them from the tab (since they had already been moderated and published by me) NOT REMOVING THE CONTENT FROM MY BLOG! I'd call this a major issue.

What is the difference between delete and remove content if deleting the comments within the PUBLISHED tab doesn't just delete them from the tab but from your entire blog? What a disaster!
The new filter stinks for my blog which is a giveaway blog! Every sincle contest entry is going into the spam folders & my site is all messed up now thanks to blogger! I have to dig out & find the contestants now, what a gd mess!

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