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Use Post Pages When Advertising Your Blog

In one Microsoft help forum, some time ago, one wanta be helpful guy would answer dozens of help requests daily, by copying his entire library - 800+ lines of technical information - into each post.
This should take care of you. If it doesn't, post back here with your questions. Now, read my entire compilation of experience. Your answer is in here - somewhere.

Now that Blogger provides its easy to build online web sites, anybody can do the same using a blog.
Blah blah blah. The answer is somewhere in my blog.

Possibly this is done from ignorance. He doesn't know about addressing his posts. This is how spammers and trolls operate too.
Want advice? Check out my web site - it's in there somewhere.

Genuinely helpful folks, when they give advice, make their advice complete and relevant. The easiest way for you to do this is to link directly to the right article. To do that, your posts need to be individually addressable.

Go to Settings - Archiving. Make sure that "Enable Post Pages?" is set to "Yes". That gives each post its own page.
Blah blah blah. The answer is in this article in my blog.
That's better.

But wait - there's more.

Thanks to the magic of anchor tags, you can link directly to the section in the relevant post.

Blah blah blah. The answer is here, in this article, in my blog.

That's much better, and now complete and relevant.

When you give advice, send the reader right to the advice. If the reader finds the answer immediately, he'll appreciate you more, and read the rest of the blog later. And hopefully, bookmark the blog, so his friends will find you later.


andre said…
You should work for Blogger. While their home page is trying to be as plain and clear as possible, they overlook the most important bit: First time bloggers need a clear path to 3 things:
1) start a blog
2) add photos
3) edit the blog (text and images)
1) and 2) are OK the first time but 3) is more opaque and I wasted a lot of time figuring it out.
Asking questions in a help group is not made easy enough. When I tried, a message appeared :"You cannot post because you are not a member"
Not good enough! The correct message should include how one can become a member.
Having said this, Blogger is head and shoulder above the few other blogsites I have tried, so this constructive criticism is in the hope that it will become better still.
Chuck said…
Thanks, Andre. I'll vote for #1 and #3 myself.

Blogger is so versatile, and designed to be intuitive to use, that it's shocking when it's NOT intuitive.

Use the Blogger WishList, and tell Blogger what you think.
Christina said…
As a very new Blogger, and having been ignorant of all things bloggable,('til recently), I appreciate for providing me w/this opportunity. It IS confusing to the max, though.
Blogging was presented to me as a simple 1,2,3 Presto! and you're up and running. It would've been very helpful if I had known from the start that a person needs to take their own initiative to show up on the Internet. It took me awhile to find that info.
Chuck said…

The interesting thing about blogs, just like every other computer type product, is that not 2 bloggers in the entire world agree on what is meant by "up and running", because no 2 bloggers in the entire world will agree about what should be in a blog.

But the differences will probably give me stuff to write about, for the next few years.

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