The Google+ "Auto Enhance" Photos Feature Is Causing Problems For Some Blog Owners

We're seeing a few questions about photo quality, from blog owners using Picasa photo hosting.
Why do my photos look brighter?
Why has the background colours on my pictures changed?
The recently added Google+ "Auto Enhance" and "Auto Awesome" features do not appear to be painless, for some blog owners.

If you have a Google+ account, check out the Settings - Photos section. You'll find two recent additions.
Auto Enhance
Automatically enhance new photos Learn more

Auto Awesome Create awesome new images from photos in your library Learn more
Interestingly, these settings appear to be enabled automatically for some blogs, without warning to the owners - including a few blogs that are not associated with a Google+ profile.

If your blog contains many photos - and you are concerned with the attention to accuracy / quality of your photos - you might do well to verify this setting, in your Google+ profile.

If you are currently using a Blogger profile with your blog, it's possible that you can edit your Google profile, without Google+. The Google - Settings wizard, under "Photos", supposedly provides a similar setting.

If neither of the above works for you, you are going to have to temporarily setup a Google+ account - then upgrade your blog to use your Google+ profile. From any dashboard display, find the "Gear" icon in the upper right corner of the screen, beneath your personal icon. Clicking on the gear icon, the menu should include
Connect to Google+
Click on "Connect to Google+", and follow instructions - including setting up a Google+ account, if necessary.

Once you have your blog associated with your Google+ profile, find, and de select the "Auto Enhance" option.

Finally - if you wish - use the Gear icon again, and select "Revert to Blogger profile". Alternately, you might read the writing on the wall, and start using Google+.

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