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New Custom Domains Are Broken

Many owners of Blogger blogs - and most owners of Blogger blogs published to non BlogSpot URLs - know the sad truth.
Mapping a blogspot domain to a custom domain is currently disabled.
It's been this way, for several long days.

If you are the owner of a Blogger blog, currently published to a non BlogSpot URL, you have probably seen the problem, when trying to view your blog - even after setting up righteous DNS addresses, and having published the blog to the domain.
404. That’s an error.

The requested URL / was not found on this server. That’s all we know.

Today, we see reports that publishing to the domain is simply not an option.
In my settings, under "Publishing", it shows both addresses and below says
Maintenance in progress - Domain switching disabled.

Blogger Engineering has stated that this problem applies only to new custom domains - though if you have a mature domain, which you try to republish, you'll likely see the same problem. Some hackers have claimed "responsibility", stating that the problem is related to their abuse of GoDaddy, and their DNS service. However, we note that blogs published using both eNom, GoDaddy, and various third party DNS services are being reported with this problem. Right now, this blog, on this domain, is up.

The "404" error is nothing new - we have been seeing it, and we've been diagnosing the symptoms, for many years. However, previously we could generally diagnose, and advise the blog owner, how to resolve the problem.

Now, we can only advise that there is a problem - and that you will know, when we know, when the problem is due to be fixed. And that will probably be 10 - 15 minutes after Blogger updates the latest Known Issues article.

(Update 2012/09/17): Blogger Support informs us that the Blogger Engineering team is acutely aware of the issue and is working around the clock to get a fix in place for Blogger users.
we are well aware that is a frustrating situation for everyone involved.

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This is a one-way problem, and it's totally on Blogger.

Sunday night, Google quietly disabled switching to a custom domain, but still left the ability up on the old and new Blogger interfaces.

On Monday, Godaddy was hacked and my site went down. So, thinking that I could revert to blogspot, I did and all was well.

GoDaddy came back up, I tried switching back to the custom domain and it's been no go since Monday.

My custom domain has been in place for more than two years. I wasn't switching to a new one. I was trying to switch back to an old one.

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