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The "My blogs" Dashboard Page Has Been Replaced

Earlier this year, Blogger upgraded their dashboard - and eliminated the opening "My blogs" / "Reading List" page.

They changed from a dashboard home page, listing all blogs owned by a given Blogger account - to a home page, showing the dashboard for the most recently updated blog.

To the dashboard menu for the blog displayed, they added a pulldown blog selector list. If you want the dashboard for a different blog, or need a different important "My blogs" function, you use the selector list.

Previously, to work on different blogs, I would repeatedly use the dashboard Home page.

The dashboard home page contained "My blogs" and "Reading List". Each "My blogs" entry had links to half a dozen different important dashboard pages, for each blog.

The "My blogs" menu has been replaced by a pull down blog selector list, which overlays the existing dashboard menu - giving the appearance of a single dashboard page, for all blogs. The list links to all blogs owned by the account (active, and deleted / locked) - and lets the owner access the dashboard for a different blog, when desired.

For blog owners with only one blog, the selector list is not important. The list becomes important, when the dashboard for a second blog - or the "Deleted Blogs" / "New Blog" dashboard wizard - is needed.

Some blog owners - unaware of this change - may see this as another variant of "missing blog".

Here's the new "My blogs" list.

"Your blogs live here" - behind the blog title and pulldown arrow.

It's all there - really!

There is now no dashboard home page, with "My blogs".

Previously, we had a dashboard Home page, with "My blogs" and "Reading List".

Each "My blogs" menu entry gave access to half a dozen different dashboard pages, for each blog.

Each "My blogs" menu entry had half a dozen different dashboard links, for each blog in the list. The links were both excessive, and insufficient.

  • The menu entry links had a hodge podge of styles of buttons / captions / link display styles.
  • The half a dozen links provided access to a small subset of useful dashboard menu pages.
  • The "My blogs" list was long, and randomly sequenced.

Some blog owners would have enjoyed having different or more menu pages directly accessible from "My blogs". And we asked, many times, for an alphabetical "My blogs" list.

Instead of making "My blogs" more complicated, Blogger replaced the "My blogs" menu. We now have a "My blogs" list, accessed from any dashboard menu page.

Here's the options, on the new "My blogs" list.

The new dropdown list includes several important options.

  • All active blogs ("My blogs").
  • All inactive blogs ("Deleted blogs").
  • The "New blog" link ("Create a blog").

"My blogs" and "Deleted blogs" are now part of the same alphabetical list, with each deleted / locked blog indicated.

You can now switch between any specific dashboard pages, for any blogs in "My blogs", using the selector list.

Now, the dashboard home page is the dashboard menu, for the blog most recently accessed.

With the list closed, the blog title will be plain text. See "The Real Blogger...", at the upper left of the dashboard?

From any dashboard page, click on the blog title or down arrow - and there is the "My blogs" menu. Then select any blog title, in the list.

With the list open, you'll see the blog title "The Real Blogger..." changes to a button.

Use "My blogs", and examine the same dashboard page for different blogs.

"My blogs" is now a blog selector list, for the dashboard page, being displayed. You can switch between different blogs, and stay on any specific dashboard page. And "My blogs" is now in alphabetical order.

From any dashboard menu page, you can open "My blogs".

Then select any blog, in the list.

And, you have the complementary dashboard page, for the blog just selected.

"Deleted blogs" and "New blog" is at the bottom of the "My blogs" list.

If you need to create a blog, you can find "New blog" at the bottom of the pulldown selector list.

See "New blog...", at the very bottom of "My blogs"?

If you want to find or recover a deleted blog, look above "New blog", for "Deleted blogs". The search for some missing blogs may end here.

See the "My blogs" sections - "Recent blogs", "All blogs", "Deleted blogs" - and "New blog"?

"Reading List" is at the bottom of the main dashboard menu.

"Reading List", previously the bottom half of the dashboard home page, is now a selection at the bottom of the main dashboard menu, below "Settings".

Look at the bottom of the menu.

And, there is "Reading List".

The #Blogger dashboard home page was redesigned - and the "Deleted blogs" / "My blogs" / "New blog" wizards are now accessed from a pulldown selector list, that's available from any dashboard menu. This makes it possible to switch between any two blogs, while staying on a specific dashboard page.


deb Overbey said…
WOW. THANK YOU. I have spent two hours trying to find where to create a new (second) blog. At this point, your help feels like a miracle. May Blessing Prevail!!! I am SO grateful
Dave MacKay said…
I had to study the new layout for a while before I found the things I was missing....
Now that I have been using it for a while, I am used to it and like it.
Oluwasegun Abe said…
Hi chucks, Please do you have a link to tutorial on how to edit post url permalink after publishing? I want to change some words in this post
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Abe,

Thanks for asking, this is an interesting question.

It's not at all difficult to edit the post permalink, after the post has been published.

If you want to change the permalink, while you:
1. Make the permalink match the title.
2. Keep the current permalink working.
3. Minimise downtime, where the current permalink stops working.
You can do all 3, given proper planning.

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