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The Tower Of Babble Comes Down Slowly - One Brick At A Time

I installed the Google auto translator - using a custom front end, which I helped develop - on this blog, 5 years ago.

I installed it originally because of the February 2008 Kaspersky problem with Blogger blogs - and hastily, because of the magnitude of the problem. I knew, at the time, that the Google auto translator was not 100% accurate.

No auto translator will ever be 100% accurate. Every language in the world is always developing, as society and technology develops. There will always be nuances in every language, which are not yet detected by any one person - or by any one computer.

That said, I think that it's obvious to many people, that auto translation is a legitimate feature on the Internet.

If you've read this far, and you're using the translator to read this in a non English language, my thanks to you.

I think that the Internet in general, and Blogger blogs - and translated Blogger blogs in particular, are going to do a lot to bring the various cultures and nations of the world closer together. Being a native of the USA, I speak only English with any degree of fluency. I have, at one time, attempted both French and Spanish, as secondary languages - but this is neither the time nor place for me to discuss my experiences in France and in Panama.

I would never attempt to publish this blog, manually, in either French or Spanish - and certainly not any of the other 300+ languages which are present in the world. Since this blog has some value to Blogger blog owners and readers in general - and hopefully to some non English Blogger blog owners and readers - I think that using this blog, translated into other languages, has some value also.

If you are reading this blog in a non English language - or if you know of specific phrases or words which are not translated, successfully, by the Google translator - you are invited to suggest any appropriate improvement to Google. Translate the phrase or word in question, using the Google Translate web page - and select "Rate translation" in the lower right corner of the translation result window.

If you publish a blog in a non English language, and you don't have an auto translator gadget on your blog, I hope that you will soon add such a feature. I'll even invite you to look at Cumulus In Your Language, and see if the offered non English selections are useful to you.

Just don't dismiss auto translation, because it's not currently 100% accurate. Use it - or don't use it - on any web page where it's useful, right now. But don't dismiss it, with prejudice.

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