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Blog Readers Can't Remove Blogs From Reading Lists

We're seeing an occasional report, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, about inability to manage the Reading List, using the dashboard "Manage Blogs I'm Following" wizard.

Clicking on the dashboard "gear" icon to the right of "Reading List", one should expect to see a list of Followed blogs, in the familiar menu. In some cases, what is seen will be bad news.
We are unable to load your FriendConnect data at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again shortly.

Upon trying again, the same error is frequently seen, repeatedly.

As an alternative to Blogger: Manage Blogs I'm Following (linked from the "gear" icon), try Google Friend Connect: Sites I've joined.

"Sites I've joined" may work, when "Manage Blogs I'm Following" won't.

The latter appears to work, for Blogger accounts that use Google / Google+ profiles - and the former, for Blogger accounts that use Blogger profiles.

Owners of Blogger blogs, who use Google+ profiles, won't use "Manage Blogs I'm Following".

So, use "Google friend connect: Sites I've joined".

Click on "Settings", then "Stop following this site".

"Sites I've joined" may require repeat authentication.

Using the Google Friend Connect wizard, you may have to sign into Google again, after clicking on the "Settings" link for the blog / website in question. Having signed in, you may have to click on "Settings" a second time, to get the "Settings" pop up window.

If the "Settings" popup window does not appear - or does not display or operate properly, you may need to check your cookie and script filters, and check that you are properly logged in to Blogger.

Neither wizard will work, if "you" cannot be identified.

There are legitimate reasons when neither wizard will help. Neither Blogger: Manage Blogs I'm Following nor Google Friend Connect: Sites I've joined will operate successfully, if you cannot be identified.

Blog Readers Report Inability To Remove Blogs From Their Reading Lists
Blog Readers Can't Remove Blogs From Reading Lists


Ms. A said…
Finally. I haven't been able to remove some of the blogs I follow, that don't have a followers gadget, since 2011.
drerhumu said…
I've been having the same problem, wish a simple "remove from reading list" button would be added.
Ken said…
Using Chrome on a MacBook Air - can't delete followed blogs - have tried about everything. Icon to right of blog name = nothing to help. The little 'gear/sys' icon = no help. This should not be this hard??
Nitecruzr said…
Just to check in here - has everybody here provided details about their experience with this problem, in the forum Rollup Discussion? One of the main purposes of this article is to get traffic into the rollup discussion.!category-topic/blogger/something-is-broken/5pDmVwHlstg
~Ava Kinsey said…

This blog post was a big help to me.
collegiatebd said…
Thanks! I've finally unfollowed it!
Buffywnabe said…
Thank you so much for sending me the information for this! So glad to be able to remove a blog.
Mackenzie said…
soooooo helpful!!!!! thank you!!!
June said…
Thank you! Finally able to remove some blogs from my list. I am so tired of Blogger telling me I am not following any blogs... I follow more than 100 and really would appreciate if they could fix this error once and for all.
meaches said…
at last, I found answers! thank you! I can finally remove some of the "dead" blogs in my reading list and update to dd new ones. Yes i still use the reading list.
Carole M. said…
thank you much appreciated
Laloofah said…
Thank you, thank you, thank you! This post was the only thing standing between my finally just ramming my head through my computer screen… and not! Thanks so much for putting an end to my frustrating over not being able to unfollow blogs!
Erin said…
Thank you so much!! The second option worked
Jennifer said…
Thank you!!!!
Unknown said…
this have been a big help. Thanks!
^.^ said…
Clicking on "Sites I follow" in order to delete or change from public to private and vice versa worked fine for me ... thanks so much, nitecruzer :)
Anonymous said…
me too...
finally, I have been able to remove some of the blogs I follow thru Google Friend Connect: Sites I've joined.
TQVM.. !
LJn said…
Finally! Thanks for the tip about the cookies. I changed it from "accept third party cookies from sites visited" to "always accept third party cookies." Now that it's done, I'm changing back to my original cookie setting.

Again, thank you thank you thank you!!!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I desperately needed that link!!!!
this have been a big help. Thanks!
Wow - thank you soooo much. One of the postcard blogs I have been following was canceled and a spammer has been hitting it pretty good. There was no way for me to delete it until now.
Anonymous said…
Thank god I found this site :)
Debra K. said…
Thank you so much with your help through the forum. I've finally got rid of several dead blogs and have stopped following myself, which was a bit embarrassing :D. I just followed your links, a real help for me. Debra x

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