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Some Blog Owners Unable To Publish New Posts To Their Blogs

For some time now, some bloggers have been able to publish new posts in their blogs. We have an active discussion in Blogger Help Forum, where a solution is promised.
We're digging back into this and hope to have a fix out ASAP.
More reports are posted, each day.
I hit "New Post", the post editor window loads, but the cursor keeps spinning.

Some people find relief from this by using the classic post editor, others by using a different browser, or by clearing cache, cookies, and active sessions. And a few folks use a workaround.
  1. Ensure that "Quick Edit" is enabled, for the blog.
  2. Hit "New Post", and go to post editor with the icon spinning.
  3. If you have "Show Title field" set to "Yes", enter a good post title, because this will affect the post URL.
  4. Hit "Publish Post".
  5. Hit "View Post".
  6. From the published post, which you are now viewing, click on the "Quick Edit" icon.
  7. You are now in post editor, with an empty post displayed. Enter the post content, and "Publish Post" again.
  8. As an alternate to steps #5 and #6, click on the "Edit post" link from the "Your blog post published successfully!" display.

If you are experiencing this problem, provide some details about your experiences.
  • Where are you located, and what ISP do you use?
  • What browser(s), running on what operating system, do you have?
  • Have you tried using a different browser? If so, what result did you experience?
  • Have you tried using a different computer? If so, what result did you experience?
  • Have you tried using a different post editor? If so, what result did you experience?
  • Have you tried clearing cache and cookies? If so, what result did you experience?
  • Do you have other blog(s)? If so, do you have this same problem, with every blog?
  • Is this problem constant, or does it come and go?
  • When did you first see this problem?
Be generous with the details - they might help you to help us to help you.

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Tina Mooney said…
the quick edit solution did not work for me
Nitecruzr said…
the quick edit solution did not work for me

I would not bother with quick edit - just "Edit post" from the "Your blog post published successfully!" screen.
hello, tried the above, and did not work, any other suggestions please?

thank you.

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