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Could Not Connect To Blogger.Com - Help Diagnose This Problem

In my musings about the well known pink warning
Could not connect to Saving and publishing may fail.

or similarly
Cannot View Webpage

I realised a lot of questions. I think we need some idea of the nature of this problem. The answers can only come from those suffering.
  1. Describe, for the record, all symptoms observed. What does "Cannot Connect To Blogger" / "Cannot Publish To Blogger" mean for you?
  2. Where are you located, geographically?
  3. What ISP do you have?
  4. What type of Internet service - Cable TV, Dialup, DSL, Satellite - do you have? What speed (down / up, if known)?
  5. How does your computer connect - Ethernet, WiFi - to your service? Do you have a broadband router?
  6. Have you ever tried Publishing, when the message is being displayed on your screen? If Yes, could you, ever, publish successfully? If not, precisely, what error or problem was presented to you?
  7. Do you have more than one browser? If so,
    • Have both browsers ever shown the problem?
    • Have you looked at both browsers, simultaneously?
    • Do you see the problem on both browsers at the same time?
  8. Do you have more than one computer? If so,
    • Have both computers ever shown the problem?
    • Have you looked at both computers, simultaneously?
    • Do you see the problem on both computers at the same time?
  9. What Operating System (name, version, patch level if known) is on each computer?
  10. Is this the only Internet service, or website, on which you are currently experiencing a problem? What other services / websites do you use, with the same intensity / regularity as with Blogger?
  11. Have you observed any pattern when you might expect to see, or not to see the message? How often might you expect to see the message? For how long (seconds, minutes) might you expect to see the message?
  12. Since I've been recommending various diagnostic procedures in the various forums, you've possibly tried some already. What have you tried to date, and what results have you had? Be as complete, detailed, and objective as possible.
The answers that you might give might help to solve the problem, so be generous and thoughtful.

Note that you have several choices, where you can respond with your problem diagnoses.
  • Sign my GuestBook. Make a Private message, if you wish.
  • Haloscan Comment (immediately below, "Comments | Trackback", select "Comments".).
  • Blogger Comment (farther below, "POST A COMMENT", select "POST A COMMENT").
  • Post in the forum thread where you found the link to this article.
However you post, we all (including all suffering) thank you for your contribution towards solving this problem.

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Davey said…
Ok, I have been having this problem for days now and I've posted it on the help board a few times...but here are the answers to all those questions..

I'm located on Curacao, Netherlands the Caribbean

I have a high speed DSL connection

My computer connects with a ethernet cable, and my laptop connects via a usb cable

I have tried publishing with message on my screen, and it gives a blank page in firefox, and an error page in I.E

I have two browsers, both have shown the problem, both have done it simultaneously

I have a desktop and a laptop and both have shown the same problem, and also at the same time...

Both computers have windows xp service pack 2

This is the only website I have in which im experiencing a problem

I have seen a pattern. If the post gets too long, the message will show up. Smaller posts will go without a problem, but bigger posts will get the message.

I have found a way around it a few times. When I'm typing the post, I get the message...but I finish typing it, and then I publish, to which it gives the blank screen.
I then delete the cookies and cache and it will ask me to sign in again...and when I sign in again, the post will have gone through.

I have been on blogger for a while now, and I've never had a problem until now. I haven't changed anything or done anything differently. Please help, because this is very frustrating.
Beth said…
Thanks for trying to help solve this problem.
*I'm located in Red Bluff, CA
*ISP is Clearwire - wireless broadband connected via router
*Yes, I've tried Publishing but always get blank screen or error screen on either browser (FF or IE)
*I've seen one browser have the problem when the other didn't, but only briefly. The second browser always screws up too.
Haven't tried it on two computers yet
WinXP2002 SP2
No problems on any other Web site
The pink band flickers off and on on both browsers, sometimes anyway. Last night as I tried to post, there seemed to be a character limit to what it would post -- i.e, when I deleted part of the text, the pink band went off. If I pasted it back in, it came back.
When I went into Edit Post to see what I could do, it took the additional text once, but wouldn't let me add to it again.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more info or if you discover something. I have trouble believing it all depends on which server I'm connected to -- it has been too consistent in the last four days for that.


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