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Sunday, August 04, 2013

Dynamic Templates, And Network Problems - #2

We're been getting problem reports in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, from various dissatisfied blog owners, who chose a dynamic template for their blog.

The problems reported involve various symptoms.
  • Blogs displayed will lack various gadgets, in the slideout gadget bar.
  • Some blogs, when customised, will display using default layout and template settings.
  • Some customisations, applied recently, just won't show up.
Various blog owners have discovered a solution, based on code present in newer dynamic templates. This solution has been publicised, in forum discussions - and in various blogs and web sites.
<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>
      setTimeout(function() {
      }, 1000);
The solution, as proposed, involves a very simple change - but the change won't be immediately, or permanently, 100% effective.

The solution, being publicised by various blog owners and forum helpers, involves a very simple change, using the template editor.
Once you have a secured a back up of your blog template, click on Edit HTML and you will see the html editor come up. Scroll down to the bottom of your template to where you see code that looks like this.
<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>
      setTimeout(function() {
      }, 0);
Change the 0 to 1000 so it looks like this.
<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>
      setTimeout(function() {
      }, 1000);
Click on Save Template.
Here, as always, I will strongly recommend that you backup the template, twice - before, and after, you make this template change.

This solution - changing the Timeout setting - will have immediate success with some blog owners, partial or temporary solution with many, and no solution with others.

The number of possible causes of the problems, in combination with the variety of possible symptoms, will create a visibly infinite number of differing complaints - and some complaints will continue, even with the workaround applied. Blogger Engineering will be busy, for a while, resolving these problems.

Once again, I'll suggest that you consider the functional and historical reasons for existence of the dynamic templates. Consider exercising some restraint, when customising your blog. Be part of the solution.

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Slytherpuff said...

Very helpful post; thank you!

Anja said...

Kiitos, tämä auttoi!

nailund said...

Are there any updates since this blog post? I tried this workaround with no success. I triple checked my edit and it appears I followed the instructions exactly. Thanks1

Chuck Croll said...


The problem with this tweak is that is a workaround - and like all workarounds, it works best with a finite scope of problems.

The problems, which are discussed, really need to be solved.

If the base problems, which cause the symptoms, are not solved, they generally get worse. It's like putting airbags in cars - people feel safer - so they drive faster, and take more chances.

Neither the airbags - or the template timeout - will solve the basic problems.