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Contact Me, Improved

What is this? Go here, for an explanation.

If you want to ask me a question that's relevant to blogging, but you can't find the right post to start with (I haven't written about everything Blogger related, yet - - nor the way things are going, I don't expect to), ask your questions in the above Contact Me form - or leave an entry in my guestbook.

Please note that you will almost always get better service when posting in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.
  • I read there regularly - and check email (and Contact Form submissions) irregularly.
  • The posting form in the forum is way better than this Contact Form.
  • The posting form in the forum is way better than the GMail reply form.
  • You can edit messages in the forum - you cannot edit anything in the Contact Form, or in EMail.
It's your choice - but unless you have secret details which are relevant, the public forums are far better. That's MHO anyway.

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We see this confusion, a couple times a week, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? . Where is the dashboard? In the Classic Blogger GUI, the display which contained the "Blog List" (at the top), and the "Reading List" (at the bottom) was labeled "Dashboard". Many people also called the "Settings" / "Template" screens for the various blogs, linked from the Blog List, the dashboard. The New Blogger GUI has no page with the label - and no links "To The Dashboard". The Navbar (another unlabeled feature) has two links - "Design" and "New Post" - which lead to different dashboard sections, when you are appropriately logged in to Blogger . And, the "B" logo at the far left of the navbar will, similarly, take you to the Blog List / Reading List.

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