Monday, February 23, 2015

What Is "" vs. ""?

With Google Domains registered custom domains becoming more normal, we are seeing one odd attention to detail, expressed as confusion in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger.
My website uses "" - am I supposed to use "", instead?
It's good to be attentive to detail, particularly with custom domain publishing. This is one detail that may not require immediate attention, however.

Troubleshooting Custom Domain Issues

If you are trying to make your custom domain published blog work, see my guide Troubleshooting Your Custom Domain Problems.

If you want to know how to setup a custom domain properly, from the beginning - and avoid the need for Troubleshooting - read Setting Up A Custom Domain. Avoid the most basic mistakes made - read The Simplicity Of A Custom Domain Setup.

If you just setup your custom domain - and want to minimise the effects of the URL change upon your search engine relationships - read Managing The Migration.

If you're just browsing, then read on - but get a good cup of coffee first. And welcome, to Nitecruzr Dot Net.

Troubleshooting Your Custom Domain Problems

Of the many accessories and features in Blogger, Custom Domain Publishing is possibly the most problematic.

Looking at the Labels index in this blog, I see the Custom Domains label on 343 posts (as of 2015/01/26) - which makes it one of the most heavily labeled single topics here. There are several challenges with diagnosing and resolving a custom domain problem.
  • It has various different causes.
  • It leads to many different symptoms, which can easily be confused for other problems.
  • Its symptoms can be chronic or intermittent- and may be immediate, or may take months to exhibit themselves.
  • It may require resolution by any blog guest, by the blog owner, by Blogger Support, and / or by a third party such as the domain registrar.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

New Google Domains Need Time To Propagate

We're seeing an increasing number of problem reports, mentioning Google Domains.

Google Domains is becoming a popular registrar for new custom domains - and this leads to more problems, reported in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue. Many reports look like timing problems, from long ago.

The most common symptom is the mysterious Redirect Warning.
I purchased a Google Domains site, and connected it to Blogger so it redirects my blog to my domain, no problem.

The problem is now when accessing the BlogSpot URL, it now shows a redirect warning message, which is killing my web traffic.
This blog is not hosted by Blogger and has not been checked for spam, viruses and other forms of malware.
How do I publish my blog, and keep my readers, with this confusion?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The "Contact Me" Form, And EMail Delivery

Some blog owners install an email based "Contact Me" form on their blogs - then worry if the contact attempts are getting to them, when sent by their readers.

Occasionally, blog readers may wonder if their contact forms, which they submit, are actually being read. In both cases, besides the chance that the messages are not being read because of a full email Inbox, there is the chance that the messages just are not getting to the email Inboxes.

The Blogger supplied "Contact" form uses email for contact delivery - and this is where many contact delivery problems start. Whether you are a blog owner, or reader, these are issues which involve you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What Is Different Between Copying And Scraping?

We see a few spam blogs, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, that are classified for having scraped content.

Some nervous blog owners, who routinely copy content as part of their blog posts, want to know if their blogs are vulnerable to "scraped content" spam classifications.

I suspect that there are several issues to consider, regarding use of copied content in your blog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bounced Email May Not Show Up In "Bulk" / "Spam"

We've been discussing the problem of email filtering, and missing email, for some time.

Some blog members / owners are certain that their missing email isn't caused by filters.
I looked in "Bulk" / "Spam"! The email isn't there, either - it simply does not get delivered!!
These people are certain that Blogger just is not sending the email.

In some cases, the problem is not with "Bulk" / "Spam" filters - it is with anti-spoofing filters - and email detected as spoofed, generally, is "bounced".

Monday, February 16, 2015

FeedBurner Requires EMail Subscription Verification

One devious way of attacking people, before the Internet, was to drown them in mail, such as unwanted magazines.

Long ago, people with too much available time would fill out forms in their victims name - and subscribe her / him to assorted unwanted magazines. Nowadays, one might do that with email, to people unwise enough to publicise their account name or email address.

Blogger has similar options that may let us annoy people, also - possibly, inadvertently.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Don't Confuse Simplicity, And Easy Installation

One naive attitude, about publishing a Blogger blog, involves adding features to one's blog - and the observation that every Blogger feature or modification is not uniformly available, with entry level instructions.

We see the complaints, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, too frequently.
I can't get this feature to work! Why is Blogger so complicated?
I have no idea what I need to do. Please guide me, in simple language - as if I were 6 years old!
Both attitudes show lack of understanding about technical projects in general - and Blogger features, and modifications, in particular.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Importing Content Will Use Computer Resources

The ability to copy comments and posts into a blog - and even between blogs - is a useful option in Blogger.

Some blog owners take the "Export Blog" / "Import Blog" wizards too casually. Most computer owners enjoy multitasking - and multitasking, between various online activities which involve your personal involvement, can increase productivity.

The process of importing comments and posts, into a Blogger blog, does not involve your personal involvement - and does not work well during multitasking. Multitasking will actually slow the import process down - and what might take mere minutes can take hours, or days.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Dynamic Templates, And HTML / JavaScript Gadgets

The dynamic templates, magical as they may be, may not suit everybody.

Some blog owners eagerly publish a blog to a dynamic template - then ask
WHere are all of the sidebar gadgets?
One of the downsides of the dynamic templates is that gadgets have to be specifically written to work with them. Not all of the accessories, available in "Add a Gadget", have been re written to support dynamic templates - and some may likely not ever be re written.