Monday, October 25, 2010

Logging In To Blogger With Your Google Account

Recently, we're seeing various problem reports, in BHF: How Do I?, from confused bloggers unable to login to Blogger using a non GMail email account.
I created a Blogger account with a non GMail email address, and can no longer access it without a GMail account! How do I login now?
as if using a non GMail email address as a Blogger account name is no longer an option.

Your Google account can be a Blogger account with a non GMail email address
or it can be a Blogger account with a GMail address

How did you originally accept membership in the blog, or how were you logged in originally when you created the blog? That's the key question.
  • If you accepted membership in somebody else's blog - or created the blog on your own - using a GMail address, then you use the GMail address as your Google account.
  • If you accepted membership in the blog - or created the blog on your own - using a non GMail email address, then you use the non GMail email address as your Google account. Remember that even if the non GMail email account was deleted, or expired, you can still use the Blogger account that's based upon that non GMail email account.
Remember that, if you accepted membership in someone else's blog originally, the account that you used to accept membership - not the email address where you read and opened the membership invitation - is your Google account name.

Please, when you login to Blogger, take an extra 30 seconds, and verify that you are logging in using the correct Blogger account.Simple enough? It seems that way, from here. If it's not simple enough to you, can you help us out, and tell us what you see (and don't see), that disagrees with the advice here? Help us, to help you. Understanding the epidemiological nature of Blogger problems may give you perspective, in your answer.

Note that the purpose of logging in to Blogger is to maintain your blog(s), and to enjoy other peoples blogs. How you log in affects what you see, in your dashboard.

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HRMnews said...

Sounds simple. However when I do that it says "user name or password incorrect" neither of which is the case. Now what????

Marian Cates said...

I find it hard to believe that you can get around the gmail requirement. I've had quite a hard time getting people to follow if they don't have the accepted accounts and don't feel like opening a gmail account. Why doesn't blogspot accept facebook?!!!! That's where most of my online friends are.

Liberator Émigré Éire said...

Simple enough? Actually, no.

I'm with HRMnews on this. Suddenly Blogger decided my non-Gmail wasn't good enough and told me "user name or password incorrect" - totally out of the blue.

I can't remember now I worked around this, but I had to jump through various hoops to be allowed to log in again.

Why is it MY problem that Google and Blogger and YouTube all decided to jump into bed together?

Sort it out!

Steve Allison said...

My blog is definitely there
and I can find it on line but when I try to sign in it asks for a google account I don't have! I've reported it to google but they said - If you're not sure what the email address associate with your account
is, visit for

- If you're having difficulty with a product that isn't on the Google
Accounts system, such as some Blogger and AdSense accounts, visit the
appropriate Help Center at

katie said...

I am still having problems signing onto my blog. Usually, the blogger's homepage gives us the option to sign into our account using a non-gmail address, but it doesn't give us that option anymore. It seems that the only way to sign onto a blogger account is by using a gmail address.

Chuck said...


Look carefully at the caption. Does it say "Sign in with your GMail account" or "Sign in with your Google account"?

A "Google account" is not the same as a "GMail account"!

Oh'Manii-Ahn said...

I am having the same problem. I used a Yahoo account to when I created - and now I can't use that to log on. Coincidentally I have a gmail account - but it was not tied to the blog spot.. but unfortunately now when I log on, it won't recognize my yahoo email address as log on (even though when it sends me a "hint" it directs me to the yahoo account), but when I hit reset - no password reset or gmail or google email alert goes to the account. I've been writing to the Help Forum and Center for days, but so far everything that was recommended hasn't worked. Tried using different browsers, deleting cookies, templates etc. - to no avail Can someone please offer some tangible help? I can be reached at or

liz said...

From deficit level blog owner.
* no memory of how blog created, google or gmail. HOW do I find out?
* as for "sign out" (or "in") I never do unless accidentally signed out - is that so incredibly terrible?

Chuck said...


No, it's not so terrible to never sign out - or in - - until you forget the account name or password. And even forgetting isn't so bad - - except when you need to access the blog, and have to prove ownership of the blog.

Delphine said...

i'm also with HRMnews... created blogger account with a yahoo address a few years ago, and now it says "user name or password incorrect". tried to reset password, but i won't receive the promised email (even though, i receive a msg all right in my yahoo address if someone posts a comment)...
and now what?